#MasturbationMonday – Electric Shock Plugs! #Anal

Masturbation Monday

It’s Moan Day, I’m moaning, Jenny’s groaning and I have a fun night out at the Dorchester hotel for you, complete with electric shock plugs. Yes, I’m that kind of naughty… 😉



“So, do you want to know what you’re dining upon this evening, or do you prefer surprises?” Jenny continued to glare at him. “I like surprises, too,” he said, nodding, and suddenly her whole body began to vibrate. She jumped off the seat in shock at first, before she realised that he must be playing with her ridiculous remote beneath the table. She gave him a dirty look, because the glares didn’t appear to be working.

“That’s just the vibrate setting. I’ll pop some current through those beasts later and then we’ll really have some fun.”

Sitting down gingerly upon her seat and listening for any discernable noise, Jenny could only be thankful that the fabric of her dress obscured any sound. Internally, she felt like someone had buried her electric toothbrush halfway to her stomach. It was not a gentle vibration that had her plugs jiggling and dancing inside her, it was a full blown juddering war.

Jenny gave up looking at Mark and found an interesting spot on the floor, about three centimetres away from the table leg. She found herself annoyingly gripping the edge of the table, worried that she might orbit into space at any moment.

“You look stunning, by the way. That dress makes you look far more edible than any plate of food ever could.” Mark ran his eyes appreciatively up and down the length of her and he stroked the soft velvet of her sleeve. “How does it feel to be my mute dinner prisoner?”

Jenny’s glare returned. She was perfecting it into quite a satisfactory scowl.

“You shouldn’t do that, Princess. One, because it deters from the beauty of that exceptionally sculpted face and two, I will punish you for adding frown lines to your features.”

She tapped her fingernails on the table in response and notched up the intensity of her gaze.

“You’re playing with fire, darling,” he whispered. The tone of his voice was deadly and it immediately removed the frown from her face. In the next second current flowed through her body, tingling in tight little waves as it spiralled through her nether regions. It was startlingly pleasurable and she let out an involuntary groan, her hand immediately going to her throat where she expected a nasty shock. Thankfully, none was forthcoming.

“I lied about the collar. I just wanted to watch you squirm a little. It was nice to have a little peace and quiet to properly appreciate my menu, though.”

Jenny wanted to scream at him, but the current shot up a notch and if she’d thought the previous vibrations were bad, they were nothing when compared to the million or so little snakes that were writhing all over her body. Parts of her had just come to life that she had never known existed.

“It’s quite a unique feeling, isn’t it?”

It certainly was, Jenny thought, and she wasn’t sure if it was intensely pleasurable or horribly uncomfortable. Time would tell, she guessed.

“So, I think we’ll play it like this. If you’re good, I’ll turn the setting down a level and if you’re bad, I’ll turn it up. The higher I turn this dial, the more likely it is that you will have a forced orgasm or orgasms, depending on how cruel I’m feeling.”


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