#MasturbationMonday – Electric Shock Plugs! #Anal

It’s Moan Day, I’m moaning, Jenny’s groaning and I have a fun night out at the Dorchester hotel for you, complete with electric shock plugs. Yes, I’m that kind of naughty… 😉 THE TIES THAT BIND “So, do you want to know what you’re dining upon this evening, or do you prefer surprises?” Jenny continued […]

#MASTURBATIONMONDAY – #Figging, Gingering & #BDSM!

#MasturbationMonday strikes again and guess what? It’s a double MOAN DAY because it’s a bank holiday here in the UK and as it’s raining, I’m debating the logic of getting out of bed… The Ties That Bind – Estimated Release Date 14th September With shaking hands he peeled a thin layer of skin away from […]

#MasturbationMonday – Rarely Left UNPLUGGED! #Anal & Denied Orgasms

Hello and welcome to MOAN DAY! Yes, it’s that delicious day of the week where we talk about all things naughty. Today on Masturbation Monday we’re back to ‘The Riding School,’ and we’re having a little medical edge play measuring session. It’s a whole lot of kinky… so be warned 😉 The Riding School ‘That […]

#SatSpanks – The FEATHER!

Hello Spankos and Spankees – it’s Saturday and it’s time to celebrate. The Ties That Bind is finished and it’s about to go off to the Beta Readers to see what on the earth they make of it 😉 Until then… here’s a little something… spanky! Learning The Ropes ‘Is my little filly already yearning […]

Guide to Sexual #Lubricants – The Key to Great #Sex!

Water-based, silicone, oil… you name it, there are hundreds of different lubricants out there. Which one is right for you? Pro’s and con’s and a good general guide can be found on the video below 😉 If you have any more tips, feel free to share in the comments box below 😉

#MasturbationMonday – The LATEX SUIT – #Anal, Insertables, Sex Toys!

Hello and welcome to the best day of the week. Seriously! We get deep down and dirty here on Mondays, so if you don’t do naughty, look away… NOW! A Rough Ride Picking up the rubber suit that he had been carefully adjusting, the vet came to stand behind Jenny. “I’m going to need help […]

#MasturbationMonday – Caged #BDSM w/ #Anal

Hello and welcome to another MONDAY! BOOHOO… But I’ve got depraved goodies for you here, YAY! So, we’re back with A ROUGH RIDE and Jenny’s just getting ready for her journey to the notorious extreme bondage expert, Leyland Forbes. A ROUGH RIDE I want you to stay as still as you can. You are not […]

#MasturbationMonday – FOODPLAY #Anal #Sex

It’s that day of the week where we put our Monday Blue’s aside and focus on … NAUGHTINESS. Hoorah. Today we’re off for a spot of food play in Mark Matthew’s office – where else? 🙂 Named and Shamed Knocking at Matthew’s door for permission to enter, he immediately waved her inside. Taking the carrier […]

#MasturbationMonday – Low Tech #Orgasm Detector! #Anal

Hello and a very warm (steamy hot, in fact!) welcome to Masturbation Monday – that day of the week where I’m so naughty I scare myself. This week I’m rifling through the pages of Hot to Trot and we’re having fun with the soon-to-be pony-girl – getting her all prepped and ready for ACTION! Hope […]

#MasturbationMonday – #PonyGirl Fitting – #Anal

Welcome to #MM or downright, deliciously sexy and sinful for anyone who hasn’t been here before. Today is Monday, but are we blue? Oh no, we’re anything butt…. Named and Shamed Agnes breathed a sigh of relief when the pile of tack had almost disappeared. “I’ll let you play with the insertables, dear.” She needn’t […]