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Layla by Colleen Hoover is a story of love and sacrifices. This one caught my heart with its unconventionally romantic story.


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Cover Reveal: Violent Retaliation by C.P. Mandara

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*** RELEASING 25th March ***



I have James’ sister right where I want her – screaming my name out and begging for mercy. James is going to piss his pants when he sees the video I’m about to send him. He’ll come running so fast his feet won’t touch the ground.That’s when I’ll get my hands on his wife. She should rightfully be mine and I always take care of what’s mine.There’s just one problem – she’s fucking pregnant.


I’ve got less than two days to live. My wife has been kidnapped by a crazy-ass bitch of an arms dealer who plans to put a bullet in her head, and I need to speak to my ex best-friend in order to rescue her. It’s a fantastic plan. He’s in love with her and intends to make her his.I am going to kill him – if someone…

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CC’s ARC Review: Beautiful Tyrant by C.P. Mandara

Awesome review – many thanks to the Crazies R Us Book Blog!! Thanks CC xx

Title: Beautiful Tyrant
Author: C.P. Mandara
Genre: Erotic Romance Suspense
Type: Book 3 of 3 in Enemies to Lovers series
POV: First Person – Multiple

Release Date:  August 19, 2020


Continuing without interruption in the timeline, Harper Wilkinson, Brandt Browning and Gabriel Rodriguez are at the mercy of Mal, the King of the East End. Harper is well aware of Mal’s depravities and he is ready to inflict pain to get his way, though she is willing to sacrifice herself. As they must perform like puppets, the end game is to survive.

“A solitary tear dribbles down my cheek. While my eyes might be spitting fire, there are some things I can’t control.”

With each volume having a different focus and tone, this one begins with the tension of helplessness of being held captive. Physically and emotionally, these characters are pushed with each using what little they have…

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Sunday’s Sneaker Preview – Deadly Retaliation

Hello again, guys. I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things now that the kids are back to school. Hope you are too? I’m just popping in to give you a little taster of what Adie’s been up to this week…

“Adrien.” Oh, shit, shit, shit. Not now. Dropping Ione on the floor as if she’s suddenly made of molten metal, I poke my head around the door. What, exactly, has the old lady seen?

“Yes, Mrs. Yarrow?” I smile brightly. I am so fucked right now. If she takes a good look at me, she’ll realise I’m drugged up to my eyeballs. Let’s hope her eyesight isn’t what it used to be.

“Would it be possible for you to empty my bin, dear? My brother usually does it, but he’s got a touch of the flu.” She looks at me expectantly. I stand there silently for a minute, wondering if she’s going to say anything about the woman I had slumped over my shoulders, but a few seconds pass by and there’s nothing. Surely I’m not going to get off that easily.

“Well, would you mind dear?” Mrs. Yarrow is looking at me strangely now, and I realise that I need to respond.

“Absolutely,” I reply. “Give me five minutes and I’ll be right there. I’ve just worked an all-nighter and I am nearly dead on my feet,” I say, lying my head off. Honest to God, more lies come out of my mouth these days than truths. I’m so used to lying, it almost feels like telling the truth, too. Scary.

“Okay, dear. Thank you. What was it you do again?” Mrs. Yarrow blinks at me.

I kidnap or kill people for a living, steal things, and do a little industrial espionage on the side.

“I’m an accountant, Mrs. Yarrow.” This is the fourth time she’s asked me that question.

“Since when do accountants have to work all night long?” She looks shocked, as well she might. I didn’t think I’d need to work all night when she first asked me that question.

“I just do what the boss tells me to,” I say, smiling brightly. “We’ve just managed to attract a very important client, and apparently he’s in a hurry to sort out of his finances.” I shrug my shoulders. Hey, that sounds so bad, I don’t even believe it.

“You youngsters,” she says. “All you do is work, work, work.” She then rolls her eyes.

I nod. “I know, and I keep telling my boss the same thing, but he never takes it easy on me.”

“Poor boy,” she replies, waving me off. “See you in five minutes, Adrien.”

Going back inside my apartment, I close the door gently and slide down it. Fuck that was close. Ione is currently face down on the ground, and I suspect she’s going to have a bruise on her forehead this time tomorrow. Still, that’ll be the least of her worries. She’ll have a lot more than that to contend with by the time I’m finished with her. After I’ve sent a little video recording off to her brother, showing him what a lovely guy I am, he’ll be shitting his pants. Then I can demand what I really want – his wife. All I need is a week with Lois. It won’t take long to make her see sense. Then James can kiss his beautiful wife, goodbye. There’s no way she’ll go back to him after I’m finished with her. No way in hell.

Get moving, Adie. Struggling to my feed, I head towards the first aid cupboard.  Yes I have a whole cupboard devoted to my first aid needs. It contains antidotes to various venoms and poisons, bullet removal tools, suture kits, plenty of drugs, and the odd sleeping tablet. Needless to say, it’s packed to the rafters.

One important thing that every agent should have in their first aid cupboard is powdered charcoal and that’s what I’m looking for right now. Activated charcoal isn’t absorbed by the human body, but it has an incredible ability to absorb toxins – like nasty drugs you don’t want lying around inside you for too long. It stops things from being absorbed into the gut, which would then get taken into the bloodstream. It comes in handy more often than you’d think. It can absorb the toxins found in pesticides, mercury, opium, morphine, alcohol, and even bleach – but I wouldn’t recommend trying it. There’s a good chance of dying, while you’re at it.

Grabbing a few tablets, I shove them down my throat and down them with a big glass of water. I then wash that down with a small dose of Epsom salts. Hopefully that’ll help slow things down a bit. It should at least give me enough time to get Ione tied up and Mrs. Yarrow’s bin emptied. Oh, the glamorous life I live.

At least someone hasn’t poisoned my food. If that’s the case, you basically have to vomit the stuff up again, and that is never pleasant. I’m allergic to vomit. Always drink alcohol responsibly, ladies and gents. Yeah. Where’s the fun in that?

“Adrien?” There’s a call from down the hallway.

Mrs. Yarrow is getting impatient. I rush over to the front door.

   “Reporting for bin duty, Mrs. Yarrow.”

“Oh, you’re such a lovely boy. Come in, come in,” she coos.

Oh, if only you knew, Mrs. Yarrow. If only you knew. Still, it’s better to keep the old dear sweet. If she hears the odd scream tomorrow morning, with any luck she’ll ignore it.

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Sunday’s Sneaky Taster of Adie!

Hello again, guys. I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things now that the kids are back to school. Hope you are too? I’m just popping in to give you a little taster of what Adie’s been up to this week…

“Take me home,” she demands sulkily for a second time. This is the point where there is a very real chance I’m about to get dumped just before the going gets good. The trick is to always have a little leverage on your partner. She’s good at the game. She used it expertly on me at dinner, else we wouldn’t be here now. The reason she’s upset is because she hasn’t gotten her own way and losing control scares her. It isn’t because she doesn’t want to have sex with me. She’s been banging on that door for weeks, and now that I’ve finally given in, she thinks I’ll dance to her tune. I have news for her. I’m not that guy, and I never will be.

“Fine,” I say, with a bored sigh. “If that’s what you want, I’ll take you home – but it will come with consequences. My resignation will be on your desk first thing tomorrow and with any luck we’ll never have to cross paths ever again. It’s probably about time I had a change of scenery, anyway.” This is my leverage. If I disappear, she’s about to lose the best operative that she has, and there won’t be anyone to go up against Leader – not if they want to come out alive, anyway.

Elizabeth’s head spins around in shock. Her eyes are so wide, they could swallow a couple of black holes. “Are you seriously pulling that card on me?” she barks at me.

“Yep. I seriously am,” I say, pulling into my drive. I’ve driven out of town this evening to one of the properties I’ve inherited from my brother. It’s a nice little pad in the country, not far from Windsor. I regularly wave to the Queen on my way past. I decided to come here tonight because the neighbors at my apartment get twitchy when they hear screams.

“You wouldn’t,” she replies, her eyes narrowing. Oh, I absolutely would.

“Try me,” I say, with a spin of my tires on gravel as I pull up sideways in front of the house. It’s a particularly hard manoeuvre to accomplish, especially considering the car that I’m driving, but I made a tolerable job of it. “You’re probably a lousy fuck, anyway,” I say under my breath, just loud enough for her to hear.

Jumping out of the car, I then race towards my front door, so I can get the key in the lock before she tries to tear my eyes out. I really don’t want to do this on the front porch. If either of us fall on the marble steps, it’s going to hurt and I have a feeling this could get messy.

Inserting the key into the lock, I get the door halfway open before I’m trying to wrestle a she-cat with viciously sharp claws. Thank fuck I didn’t take her back to my apartment. Mrs Yarrow, across the hall, already has enough to gossip about with adding this to her list.

My number one priority, when Elizabeth comes at me, is to defend my honor. This basically means she can’t be allowed to win. My number two priority, is making sure I don’t get kneed in the balls again because they’ve only just recovered from the last time. Obviously, that’s the first tactic she tries, and I’m beginning to wonder whether there’s a worldwide conspiracy to try and prevent me siring any children in the near future. Thankfully, I manage to dodge out of the way just in time, and, grabbing the offending knee, I then use my left leg to take her remaining foot out from underneath her. She flies to the floor in a disgruntled heap, her skirt riding up around her thighs, while she scrabbles to get out of my grasp. Yeah, there’s no way I’m allowing that to happen.

“Calm down,” I say, laughing. “I promise you’ll be enjoying yourself in a minute.” This is as good as painting a red target on my forehead because Elizabeth then screams, and launches herself at me, burying us both in a flying heap of arms, legs, and annoying clothes.

It doesn’t take long for a winner to emerge. In less than ten seconds, I come out victorious, pinning her arms behind her head on the floor, as I sit astride her body. She tries to shake me off, twisting herself underneath me, but I don’t budge. I’m too heavy, and she’s not strong enough to take me on. In any case, as much as I’m enjoying this, it’s time to put an end to it. If we’re to have some fun this evening, I need to calm the boss lady down.

If you haven’t read SPARKS, the first of six books in the series leading up to this… get to it by clicking below!


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WIP Wednesday – Adie Dumortier

Yep, Adie is back and he’s just as calculating, arrogant, and twisted as ever. Actually, probably more so. I’ve having way too much fun with him 😉 At the moment, he’s messing about with his boss. I know, right? Who would do that?

Chapter Nine – Adie



The trick to administering discipline is to do so immediately and with vigor. The more serious the consequences are for disobedience, the more likely it is that you will be obeyed in future. This works fine if you want a one-night stand and don’t mind being arrested. If, however, you’d like to see your date again, a more cautious approach has to be adopted – especially if your squeeze happens to be your boss.

This means that Elizabeth will get her spanking, but I won’t make her ass so raw she’ll dissolve into a fit of tears, even though I’d dearly love to. That will have to wait until she’s firmly under my thumb, and that might take a few weeks. This is because I have to hook her on my kind of kink gently. It’s a very annoying situation to be in. I’m not a particularly patient man, and I’m used to getting what I want pretty much immediately. This is mostly because of my fucked-up childhood. My father ran arms, drugs, and trafficked girls. I was the guy that trained them along with James, my former best friend. The one that stole my girl. Have I mentioned that? I think I might have.

Anyway, I was taught to train the girls in such a way that they’d be ready for delivery inside of a week, preferably in a day or two. I got to the stage where I became a little too good at it. This basically means I can be one evil bastard when I set my mind to it. I’m not proud of the fact. I’m pretty horrified at what I’ve become if I’m quite honest – but my kinks are now my own and there is no changing what turns me on. What is that you ask? Pain and tears. Intense torture, screaming, and struggling. Rage, defiance, and, of course, the final meek-mannered obedience that is the final product of a job well done. This is why my job suits me so well. I get to do all of that shit for a living and get paid for it. How awesome is that?

The Beast is Back!

Adrien Dumortier is BACK!

Well, hello again! As a few of you have noticed, I have let the website go. At the moment I don’t have as much time to blog and it seemed like a little bit of a waste. I will try to get back to blogging, but I won’t be able to do it as often before as I’m trying to catch up on post Covid writing!! (I still have the shakes after home learning – never again – please – dear God!) I’m still regularly sending out my newsletter, though, so if you haven’t signed up and claimed one of your four FREEBIES then please CLICK HERE!

Anyway, I’m going to try and do a regular little snippet from my WIP for you (Work in Progress for those that are new to this) and that happens to be ‘Deadly Retaliation’ which is the sequel series to The Special Agent Series.

For those of you who haven’t read The Special Agent Series, you need to start with the freebie SPARKS here:

For those of you who have read it, you’ll know that it’s extremely dark, twisted, full of sexy BDSM, menage, power play etc. The good news is… Adie is probably going to be even worse!! Here’s a little taste…

My name is Adrien Dumortier. My best friend, James Leveritt, has just married the woman I love. That’s not the worst of it. She’s also pregnant with his child. To be fair, the man thinks I’m dead. He was supposed to rescue me from the clasps of my brother, but turned up ten minutes late, so had I not managed to get rid of the bomb that was strapped to my waist, I would now be dead. Thankfully, I am more resourceful than the bastard gave me credit for.

So, how do I get even with someone like that? Not face to face, that’s for sure. The man is black ops trained and knows more styles of martial arts than I know ice-cream flavors. No, I’m going to be a little underhand about this. I’m going to kidnap his sister. Then, I’m going to torture her until she’s screaming down the fucking phone and send him the video. Then, I’m going to mess with his wife.

Buckle up. It’s going to be quite a ride.

Chapter One – Adie


A bullet whizzes past me, embedding itself in the brick wall three centimeters away from my nose. It sends plaster dust flying in every direction, and I have to hold my breath to make sure I don’t choke on the fumes. There’s no way I’m making a sound. The woman who’s hell-bent on killing me would zero in on my position in a second, and I’m not about to give her that kind of advantage. She’s far too big for her boots as it is. She’s beaten me to the chase twice in the past six months and I’m damned if I’m letting it happen again. I can barely hold my head up in the office as it is.

As it is, I’ve made a bet with one of my female colleagues that this time I will manage to bring home the bacon. If I fail, I promised I’d take her to the cinema this weekend, and I do not take women to the cinema. No way. I might chew their face off, I might fuck them, I might fuck lots of them all at once – but romance? You have got to be kidding me. I’d rather die and slow and painful death, and judging by my competition’s aim this evening, that’s exactly what might happen. Another bullet whizzing past me focuses my attention once more.

“Come and get me, big boy,” a female voice purrs.

Melinda Leader is dressed from head to toe in black motorcycle leathers. She has flaming red hair, which she regularly dies all colors under the sun to confuse me, and a body that a Playboy pin up would kill for. Everything is just perfect. Too perfect, in fact. The woman knows exactly how to attract attention and on the rare occasions I get a glimpse of her face, I am left speechless. She has this coffee-colored skin, just like mine, and these amazing almond-shaped eyes that say I am into all kinds of obscene and twisted fucking. At least, I hope that’s what I say because when I get her into my bed, I am going to be very disappointed if they’ve been saying anything else.

The woman has no idea how much I want her. At the moment, I am picturing her in my dungeon, strapped her to my leather chair, while I slowly proceed to break her apart – a bit like a Kitkat. I want to see if behind all that chocolatey exterior there is something worth sinking my teeth into. I suspect there isn’t because no one compares to Lois, but the fantasy is nice. Lois, by the way, is the woman I’m currently in love with. She married my best friend a few months ago. Yep, my best fucking friend. What a nice guy, huh? To make matters worse, they both left me for dead while my brother tried to execute me. My brother was something else. He strapped a suicide belt to my waist and locked me in a room, just waiting for the chance to press the button and blow me to smithereens. He should have known better. The only people who get to blow me are hot chicks.

That’s all for this week folks. Same time next week?


BDSM interviews: C.P. Mandara

Katerina Ross


Christina Mandara writes dark romance with a bunch of kinks mixed in. It’s only fair that women get to read about whatever fantasies they want, even extreme ones!

What do you find most enticing about BDSM books?

Haha! What isn’t enticing about them? They have lots of kinky sex and… wait… did I mention the kinky sex part? BDSM is basically sex on steroids. You get the basics, but with a whole lot more thrown in. As soon as I was introduced to the world of whips and chains, I haven’t looked back. I remember finding it fascinating at first. The control aspect, the collars, spreader bars, paddles, floggers… Seriously, I could go on for hours. There is no limit to the fun you can have because there are so many possibilities.

Do you prefer writing and reading about hardcore or mild kinks? And which ones interest you in particular?

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CC’s ARC Review: Beautiful Torture by C.P. Mandara

Title: Beautiful Torture
Author:  C.P. Mandara
Genre: Erotic Romance/Suspense
Type: Book 2 in Enemies to Lovers series
POV: First Person – Multiple

Release Date: May 14, 2020




Continuing without interruption in the timeline, Harper Wilkinson is Brandt Browning’s captive. Believing she is reason for his wrongful 5-year prison incarceration, Brandt is prepared to torture a confession out of Harper and has brought in reinforcement with Gabriel Rodriguez. As such, Harper’s painful past continues to close-in on her and she must decide what is the lesser evil before her worst nightmare comes to fruition.

“I’ve already been through enough, and I can’t put you through any more. The rest of this sorry mess will be on me. I deserve it, and I’m ready for it.”

As the story begins, Brandt is at his breaking point with Harper and Gabriel is willing to do whatever it takes to extract the truth…

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