#ScintillatingSunday – Forced Orgasms @Naughtynell101


Been good ALL week? Need a little something naughty? Well, I may have a little something 😉


The Ties That Bind

Mark teased her, swirling the chocolate tip around her navel, watching as her flesh quivered in need. “What shall I write? Hmm…” The cigarello hovered in mid-air for a moment as he considered his canvas and then it teased her bottom lip. “Suck, precious, for I have a feeling I am going to need a lot of ink.”

Obediently Marianna sucked the chocolate into her mouth and he helped its progress by thrusting it gently inside her, letting her get a taste for the dark, yet beautifully sweet flavour. He let her have a good suck and when he pulled it out again, she whispered, “It’s spicy.”

“And here was me thinking you weren’t paying attention earlier. Yes, they’ve introduced a little chilli to pepper the strong taste, and I think it works quite well. There are parts of you that might disagree with me later, but that’s by the by. Now… as to writing…”

He plucked the cigarello, which had diminished considerably in size, from her lips and trailed a long line from her chin down to her stomach. He grinned when she wriggled. “Ticklish? My, oh my, Miss Morreau, you’re going to have quite an amusing evening tonight.” The pen poised itself just under her breasts and then it began to write in the soft, swirling script of an artist.

“I must answer, without fail, every single question my Master poses. Failure to do so will result in being made to come at least another twenty…”

“Alright, alright,” said Marianna who was now more than a little breathless. “You are going to lick me clean, but I think I should warn you that there are a lot of calories in that stuff, if you’re considering decorating me all over in it.” The chocolate quill had begun to focus on her breasts and drew slow sensuous circles around the soft flesh in a spiral shape, getting smaller and smaller until they reached the unbearably tender point of her nipple. She whimpered and squirmed as the cigarello teased and tormented the hard little nub, nearly out of her mind with lust.


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