#MasturbationMonday – Low Tech #Orgasm Detector! #Anal

Masturbation MondayHello and a very warm (steamy hot, in fact!) welcome to Masturbation Monday – that day of the week where I’m so naughty I scare myself. This week I’m rifling through the pages of Hot to Trot and we’re having fun with the soon-to-be pony-girl – getting her all prepped and ready for ACTION! Hope you enjoy 😉



Hot to Trot

When Jenny saw a flash of gold in MG’s hands, she immediately thought of her locket. It had been a much treasured present from her mother and had sentimental value. Her thoughts immediately flittered back to the last time she had worn it, in a manner of speaking, and the villagers who had tormented her. What were the chances of it being returned to her, she wondered? Looking upwards to study the gold item further, she was disappointed when a small, gold, filigree egg came into view. It was exceedingly pretty, in a Fabergé kind of way, but not really appropriate for a pony. The only place she’d be able to wear it was on a chain around her neck and it appeared too big for that. It wouldn’t work with her posture collar, either, which she noticed was waiting for her on a padded bench beside the door.

‘This has a single, effervescent tablet inside it,’ said MG, shaking the egg and the resulting rattle confirmed her words. ‘On contact with water or fluids, the tablet will dissolve.’

MG was rewarded with a blank look for her troubles. What are you trying to tell me? Your jewellery isn’t bath-friendly? Jenny gave her a small smile which said, I haven’t a clue where you’re going with this, but as I’m not going anywhere, please continue…

The egg was thrown into the air and caught expertly by Poppy, who was standing beside Jenny’s flank.

‘She’s not quite figured this one out, Poppy dear, so give her a helping hand, will you?’

MG mumbled something about rich kids, lots of schooling and common sense. It wasn’t at all complementary.

Poppy reached down, pressed the egg to the entrance of Jenny’s pussy and began to exert firm pressure. As the trainee was already aroused, the egg disappeared deep inside its target without too much effort.

Fantastic. Although she had been slow to surmise where this was going, Jenny had now been smacked over the head with the knowledge that the filigree egg was, in fact, a very low tech ‘orgasm meter.’ If she climaxed and her pussy flooded, the tablet would dissolve and voila, you wouldn’t need much of a detective to figure out what had happened. Damn, but the egg felt good inside her. It stretched her wide and she could feel its presence when she clenched. It was a deliciously wicked feeling. She sighed. If only the Easter Bunny could had found such good hiding places for his eggs. Her previous smile had turned rather brittle.

‘Right ladies, let’s tidy up and let our guest get some rest.’

While the others busied themselves with the cleaning and laundry, MG picked up the thick white collar and buckled it firmly into place, ignoring Jenny’s groan of protest. She then produced a pair of leather items, which looked like mittens. It was August and what she’d want with mittens was anyone’s guess, but each to their own, thought Jenny. Some people took their fetishes very seriously.

‘These,’ MG walked towards Jenny’s face with the mittens swaying in her hands, ‘are for you.’

No thanks, thought Jenny. I’m warm enough already and I happen to be the naked one around here.

‘They will ensure those hands keep out of mischief. We wouldn’t want an accidental orgasm now, would we?’

Gosh, wouldn’t that would be terrible? Jenny longed to let the sarcastic words drip from her lips but the bit between her teeth wasn’t much for conversation. One by one, her hands were picked up from the floor and fitted with a mitten. They slid on easily, her hands still slippery from the moisturiser they had used. When the silver buckles were fastened tightly around her wrists, making sure there would be no way of releasing them without the help of another, they were fastened behind her back with the help of a handy karabiner. She wanted to scream. Escape had yet another obstacle in its way.

‘Have we cheered you up yet?’ said MG, with an enigmatic smile on her lips.

Hardly, thought Jenny and was annoyed that she couldn’t smile witheringly to the annoying Ms Bossy Boots. MG must stand for Mean Girl.

‘We’ve been shoe shopping,’ piped up Polkadots, who was batting her eyelashes and wearing an enormous smile. ‘Well, they’re boots really, but you’re going to love them!

Why did she expect that not to be the case?

Poppy opened the long cardboard box which rustled with mountains of tissue paper and revealed a pair of long, lace-up, black leather boots. The delight on the girl’s face was obvious. The horror on Jenny’s was equally evident. They had hooves attached to the bottom of them. That wasn’t the worst it, there was also a shiny, metal horseshoe on the underside of each, which Polkadots displayed proudly.

‘Aren’t they wonderful?’ She had an excited little twinkle in her eye. ‘They’re murder to balance in, but you’ll get the hang of it eventually. We all did. It’s a bit like wearing high heels, without the heel.

The boots had been shaped to mimic a horse’s hoof as accurately as possible. They would elongate the wearer’s calf and add several inches to their height. Yet another trick in Albrecht’s stable with which to animalise their captives. Jenny shuddered, but Polkadots carried on, oblivious to the mounting tension in the room.

‘You’ll look a million dollars in these babies,’ she whispered.

‘Stand up,’ barked MG, polite as ever.

Jenny abruptly stood up and waited for the terrible things to be slowly fastened up her calves. She needed the support of two women to balance whilst the fitting took place and it took some considerable pushing and pulling in order for the rubberised boots to slot into place. When the women finally pulled away, she nearly tumbled head first into the bench, but several hands caught and steadied her.

‘Try a couple of steps,’ said Poppy, encouragingly.

One hundred teetering, tottering steps later and Jenny had just about mastered how to walk in a very slow and very laborious fashion. Whilst the boots weren’t actually uncomfortable, it would be nearly impossible to walk at a reasonable pace in them. She had been very effectively hobbled. No wonder no-one ever escaped from this hell-hole.

‘One last thing, Poppy, if you please.’ MG handed her aide a glittery, bright red object. It was made of plastic.

Jenny eyed the thing with panic. Its long oval shape was an immediate giveaway. Polkadots popped the thing in her mouth and began sucking at it slowly. Urrgh.

‘Don’t worry, this plug is only a tiny one as we know you’ve had a hard day. It’s got a darling little flower on the end of it and all the other ponies are going to love it. You’re going to be a popular one this evening.’ Polkadots winked.

Poppy began working the plug, sticky with her saliva, into Jenny’s abused backside, which was not amused. It wriggled this way and that. Ow, ow, ow. Discomfiture aside, the trainee’s thoughts were elsewhere. Stables? They must have meant hotel. Was that just a cute pony term for lodgings?

With a pop, the plug was secured in her backside. Her libido was going into overdrive, again. When Polkadots finished and gave her clit a flick for good measure, Jenny nearly came on the spot.

‘Right, out you go. You’re late enough as it is. ‘ MG opened the door wide and waited for Jenny to pass through it.



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