#MySexySaturday – Was He Gorgeously #Sexy?

MySexySaturday   Hello and welcome to another edition of My Sexy Saturday. Not only is it the weekend, but it’s a long, HOLIDAY weekend! Hooray. What better way to celebrate than with naughtiness… 😀  — So we’re back with vampires this week and a bit of friendly banter 😉 dancingwithdeath9   Was He Gorgeous?

‘Do tell us, Violet. Was he terribly hideous or delightfully gorgeous?’ It was clear that Georgette was not about to let the question go until she received a satisfactory answer. Raising an ornate, black- lacquered Japanese fan to her face, she began to swish it about in frantic flurries, sending her ringlets flying. The pretty petals of pale pink cherry blossom that had been painted onto each rib of the fan appeared to blur into one as Georgette swung it to and fro, wafting undercurrents of her Dior perfume to the room’s occupants, which was a little overpowering at close range. Violetta took a step back and decided she did not want to answer that question at all. Especially seeing as how dear old monster vamp was sucking up and drinking in every word they were saying. Keeping very quiet, she wondered if he’d answer it for her. She attuned her ears to the loud chatter of the ballroom beyond and watched the swing and sway of the brightly coloured dancers as they whirled around the floor. No such luck. Her lips did not move an inch. Georgette, however, kept the fan flickering at high speed, and if the question wasn’t answered shortly, her old-fashioned attempt at air-conditioning might just manage to take her wig off.
There were really only two options to her dilemma. She could either ignore the question, knowing she would never hear the end of it, or she could answer it and have her face explode in heat, giving the assembled hunters a good laugh at her expense. On second thoughts, maybe there were three options. She could always lie. ‘I’m not going to allow you to lie, precious,’ came the ominous, I’m-always-going-to-be-in-your-head voice. ‘You should know that naughty girls who tell fibs get spanked. I have no problem baring that delightful backside of yours for another round of hand tennis and you might also be interested to know that I’ve won awards in the subject. I’m a veritable John McEnroe.’ Violetta might have noticed the slightly strained quality of Martinet’s voice had her brain not been about to explode. The man was conceited, obnoxious and insufferable. He was going to drive her insane. Breathing in deeply, she tried to think her way around the problem. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Lie, cheat or ignore. In through the nose and out through the mouth. Lying seemed like the obvious choice. Smiling sweetly at Georgette, she opened her mouth and prepared to tell the assembled small crowd of hunters how truly dreadful and unsightly her master vamp was. The threat of a spanking did not quell her spirit in the slightest. If she had to dance with the devil, it certainly didn’t mean she had to sing his tune. The trouble was, when she opened her mouth to deliver her best acting performance to date, not a word of sound escaped her lips. Looking rather like a goldfish on the hunt for food, Violetta realised if she continued trying to form words with no sound issuing from her lips, her comrades were going to think she had gone mad. The urge to stomp her foot like a three year old toddler having a tantrum was also not going to do much for her reputation. It appeared he had left her no option. It was to be the truth or nothing. Never before had she wanted to murder a being quite so much as she did right now, but that was probably not going to be fresh news to him, nor would it give him a reason to quake in his boots. The vamp knew exactly what she was about and found controlling her every move so very easy, he would probably be able to do it backwards in his sleep. Bastard. She refused to give in that easily. There had to be some way out of this mess… and then it came to her. Smiling, mostly by herself, for the first time since she’d met Monsieur Martinet, she straightened her shoulders and elongated her beautifully swan-like neck to its highest proportions. Let the vamp suck on this, she thought. ‘I suppose he was reasonably attractive in a vampire sort of way.’ The words came out beautifully. All elegant, aloof and slightly snooty, and then her face immediately went bright-red as she had known it would, spoiling the whole damn effect. Glowing like a flaming beacon in the night, her half- truth was immediately spotted. Rafael snorted and Georgette clapped her hands and beamed from ear to ear. Desiring Death FINAL

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