#ScintillatingSunday – Becoming His #Slave


It’s Sunday. This is the day where you get to lay in bed and read naughty tales of vampires and huntresses – so fasten your seatbelts because I’m not taking it easy on you 😉


Desiring Death

Having been given centre stage with an attentive audience, Martinet found himself somewhat reluctant to humiliate the girl. That in itself was crazy, as he intended to do far worse to her in the next few weeks, and it would make a mostly fully-clothed, public orgasm seem like child’s play in comparison. He was going to strip her of all she knew, manipulate her actions, hormones and thoughts until she didn’t even know herself any more. She would become his slave in every sense of the word, and not only that, she would come to adore him. She would be what was termed as ‘one of Martinet’s women.’ She would vie for his attention, be trained to please him and only him, and respond to his every command. He wanted her utterly helpless under his hand – as his coven had been under hers. Would he kill her? Perhaps. There was always the slim chance that she might kill him first, but that simply added fuel to a fire that was already blazing wildly out of control. It was a challenge he could not resist. If she proved to be tempting enough and passed the relevant tests, he would change her. He cared not for her thoughts or feelings on the matter. He would rule her body with an iron fist that showed no mercy and he would rule her mind as a dictator. She would have no choice but to obey. He couldn’t wait to see the initial fear, loathing and hatred that would be reflected in her eyes, knowing that before long he would change it to drugged desire, adulation and simpering obedience. She would be his little pet. One who would pant for him while he was near, and pine for him when he was not. His revenge would be all the sweeter as she knew exactly what he intended and would be fighting him every step of the way. He wished her luck. Now it was time to show her who was boss and hopefully reveal one or two secrets in the process…


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