Men Need To Be Told What To Do #Mistress #BDSM

“It’s quite simple. Men need to be told what to do. When they say no, they really mean yes.” I’ve have watched all of the Belle De Jour series – and loved every episode – but I do have a special fondness for the Mistress in this clip. Hope you enjoy 😉 Want FREE NAUGHTY EBOOKS, […]

I’m A #DOMINANT MISTRESS – What Should I Wear? #BDSM

The search term ‘What to Wear as a Dominant Mistress’ popped up in my WordPress stats, and while it tickled me a little, I got to thinking. My first thought was – whatever the hell you like – because you’re the dominant and you are in control. However, if you’re new to the role and […]

#ScintillatingSunday – Becoming His #Slave

It’s Sunday. This is the day where you get to lay in bed and read naughty tales of vampires and huntresses – so fasten your seatbelts because I’m not taking it easy on you 😉 Desiring Death Having been given centre stage with an attentive audience, Martinet found himself somewhat reluctant to humiliate the girl. […]

#MasturbationMonday – #Sexy ADULT #BDSM!

It’s a HOLIDAY WEEKEND for Masturbation Monday and that’s pretty cool, right? Hope you’re all lazing by the pool… for those that live somewhere other than the UK (where it’s ALWAYS wet and raining on a bank holiday weekend!!) and are having oodles of fun. OK, what have I got for you today? Filthiness. What […]

#MySexySaturday – Sexy’s Got You, Babe #Erotica #Vampires

Take a deep breath and say YAY! Yes, you made it through another week and it’s the weekend – hopefully time for a lie in 😉 OK, so this week’s theme is Sexy’s Got You Babe… now, which way should I go with that one? Desiring Death Letting his fingers walk up the insides of […]

#MasturbationMonday – FOODPLAY #Anal #Sex

It’s that day of the week where we put our Monday Blue’s aside and focus on … NAUGHTINESS. Hoorah. Today we’re off for a spot of food play in Mark Matthew’s office – where else? 🙂 Named and Shamed Knocking at Matthew’s door for permission to enter, he immediately waved her inside. Taking the carrier […]

#WIPIT Wednesday with Melody Parks

  Welcome Wipsters… congratulations, you’ve made it half way through the week and the weekend is in sight… so take a deep breath, grab a coffee and get yourself ready for… NAUGHTINESS. Well. What else?   The Ties That Bind Soft groans of torment could be heard from inside the bed. Arms thrashed wildly upon […]

A Day in the Life of a Manhattan #Dominatrix – #BDSM

By Evan Bindelglass Looking for a spanking in Midtown on your  lunch break? Yup, she’ll do that. And Ms. Renee Trevi, a 27-year-old Russian  immigrant working as a dominatrix in Manhattan, has an MBA to  boot. It wasn’t always her calling, but she  revealed it is certainly more exciting line of work when she lifted […]