Christina Mandara’s Top Ten #Valentine’s Day Giggles #Funny Jokes Sarcasm


So, V-Day is nearly upon us. Do you celebrate? Is your home a mass of chocolates and roses and special candlelit dinners? Or is it just a load of hype and a non-event in your household? Well, whatever you do and whomever you do it with… the piccies below may bring a smile to your face 😉


I admire her style… but there’s no-one left to do the washing up or hoovering…


And ouch, just ouch – but this guy had decorating skills… I mean, not everyone can draw a heart like that, right?


That wouldn’t have been the long and hard I was after, either… although it is verrrry long and verrry hard and we kinda like that.


Now that is true love… ahem.


Like it!


And awww, just awwww. Poor bloke. Couldn’t he have given those to his mother, though?


Hmmm… enterprising… I like it.


Anyone else having funny thoughts at the wording of that one? ~grin~




And finally… this is how they do things in the sticks… ask her to marry you and then shoot her. I like it!


Over and out from Mandara. Have a fabulous Valentine’s Day… and get up to naughtiness and lots of it. That’s an order 😉


3 thoughts on “Christina Mandara’s Top Ten #Valentine’s Day Giggles #Funny Jokes Sarcasm

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