#SatSpanks – It’s Going to STING! #Spanking

Saturday Spankings-Val Heart Paddles-rev


Hello and Welcome to the Valentine’s Day Edition of Saturday Spankings for readers of everything kinky, naughty and spank-a-licious. Today I’m introducing a whole new suit of covers for the Pony Tales Series which will be rolled out shortly, and with that in mind, you have a snippet coming from ‘A Rough Ride.’


A Rough Ride

“Spread your legs for me, Marianna. I want to see the damage.” Her legs moved woodenly, first the right and then the left, and her gasp was telling. Even the lightest touch on that derriere was going to sting for a bit and every time the little wisps of fabric moved against her, they’d chafe wickedly. She wouldn’t be repeating her panty mistake any time soon, he thought. Watching the material as it stretched, he witnessed all of the tiny, netted diamonds opening slowly, to display the prize beneath. The vista was as breath-taking as the Alps. When she walked and the dress strained at her movement, her red backside would be bright enough to stop traffic. “Wider,” he ordered, for the sheer pleasure of drinking in even more of her fiery red flesh. Obediently, her legs slid further apart. “Bend over.” As she moved forward, her ass cheeks filled the dress to its widest potential. He could see her glistening sex press up against the struggling cords of netting and wondered, for a moment, whether the dress would break. It held. She’d have to hope that Chanel knew what they were doing. It would be a little embarrassing if the thing disintegrated upon her later in the evening.


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7 thoughts on “#SatSpanks – It’s Going to STING! #Spanking

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  2. “Wider,” he ordered, for the sheer pleasure… As you’re always telling me, dribble dribble. HOT snippet, Christina. Going to change panties now, SatSpanks has them in a twist today.

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