WIP Wednesday – Adie Dumortier

Yep, Adie is back and he’s just as calculating, arrogant, and twisted as ever. Actually, probably more so. I’ve having way too much fun with him 😉 At the moment, he’s messing about with his boss. I know, right? Who would do that?

Chapter Nine – Adie



The trick to administering discipline is to do so immediately and with vigor. The more serious the consequences are for disobedience, the more likely it is that you will be obeyed in future. This works fine if you want a one-night stand and don’t mind being arrested. If, however, you’d like to see your date again, a more cautious approach has to be adopted – especially if your squeeze happens to be your boss.

This means that Elizabeth will get her spanking, but I won’t make her ass so raw she’ll dissolve into a fit of tears, even though I’d dearly love to. That will have to wait until she’s firmly under my thumb, and that might take a few weeks. This is because I have to hook her on my kind of kink gently. It’s a very annoying situation to be in. I’m not a particularly patient man, and I’m used to getting what I want pretty much immediately. This is mostly because of my fucked-up childhood. My father ran arms, drugs, and trafficked girls. I was the guy that trained them along with James, my former best friend. The one that stole my girl. Have I mentioned that? I think I might have.

Anyway, I was taught to train the girls in such a way that they’d be ready for delivery inside of a week, preferably in a day or two. I got to the stage where I became a little too good at it. This basically means I can be one evil bastard when I set my mind to it. I’m not proud of the fact. I’m pretty horrified at what I’ve become if I’m quite honest – but my kinks are now my own and there is no changing what turns me on. What is that you ask? Pain and tears. Intense torture, screaming, and struggling. Rage, defiance, and, of course, the final meek-mannered obedience that is the final product of a job well done. This is why my job suits me so well. I get to do all of that shit for a living and get paid for it. How awesome is that?

The Beast is Back!

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