#MasturbationMonday – No Unauthorised #ORGASMS!

Masturbation Monday

Helloooo and welcome to another edition of #MM – the naughtiest day of the week. Today I’m going to share some pony-girl antics from ‘Hot to Trot’ – so without any further ado…


Hot To Trot

‘All trainees on their first night with us need to obey one special rule: there are to be no unauthorised orgasms in the stables.’

Stables? The woman had obviously meant hotel.

‘If you break this rule, you will be sent back to the tack room after your first day’s training and will be fitted with a special little gadget which will make you wish you’d never been born. So beware, you have been warned.’ MG gave Jenny one of her sternest looks. It was almost scary, but after having had the pleasure of Mark’s dark looks for most of the day, it didn’t affect her in an overly adverse manner.

When Jenny saw a flash of gold in MG’s hands, she immediately thought of her locket. It had been a much treasured present from her mother and had sentimental value. Her thoughts immediately flittered back to the last time she had worn it, in a manner of speaking, and the villagers who had tormented her. What were the chances of it being returned to her, she wondered? Looking upwards to study the gold item further, she was disappointed when a small, gold, filigree egg came into view. It was exceedingly pretty, in a Fabergé kind of way, but not really appropriate for a pony. The only place she’d be able to wear it was on a chain around her neck and it appeared too big for that. It wouldn’t work with her posture collar, either, which she noticed was waiting for her on a padded bench beside the door.

‘This has a single, effervescent tablet inside it,’ said MG, shaking the egg and the resulting rattle confirmed her words. ‘On contact with water or fluids, the tablet will dissolve.’

MG was rewarded with a blank look for her troubles. What are you trying to tell me? Your jewellery isn’t bath-friendly? Jenny gave her a small smile which said, I haven’t a clue where you’re going with this, but as I’m not going anywhere, please continue…

The egg was thrown into the air and caught expertly by Poppy, who was standing beside Jenny’s flank.

‘She’s not quite figured this one out, Poppy dear, so give her a helping hand, will you?’

MG mumbled something about rich kids, lots of schooling and common sense. It wasn’t at all complementary.

Poppy reached down, pressed the egg to the entrance of Jenny’s pussy and began to exert firm pressure. As the trainee was already aroused, the egg disappeared deep inside its target without too much effort.

Fantastic. Although she had been slow to surmise where this was going, Jenny had now been smacked over the head with the knowledge that the filigree egg was, in fact, a very low tech ‘orgasm meter.’ If she climaxed and her pussy flooded, the tablet would dissolve and voila, you wouldn’t need much of a detective to figure out what had happened. Damn, but the egg felt good inside her. It stretched her wide and she could feel its presence when she clenched. It was a deliciously wicked feeling. She sighed. If only the Easter Bunny could have found such good hiding places for his eggs. Her previous smile had turned rather brittle.

‘Right ladies, let’s tidy up and let our guest get some rest.’


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