#SaturdaySpankings – #Free Book Offer! Naughty Vampire Romance!


Hello weekend spankos!

Today I’m popping in with an excerpt of Vampire Naughtiness – book one of which is FREE on Amazon today!

If you’d like part two, the full length novel ‘Desiring Death’ for free as well – sign up to my newsletter and it will be with you in a couple of weeks 🙂 CLICK HERE

Excerpt From Desiring Death

This time when the belt sank its teeth into her ass, he managed to get a curse out of her. It was a pretty innocuous one, but he suspected she’d get more inventive the longer he continued. For now, he allowed her a small break to compose herself, while he feasted his eyes upon her striped rear. Three blazing lines were beginning to surface and knowing that he was the one who had put them there was very satisfying indeed.

“Did they sting precious?” He didn’t receive an answer to his query, but it hardly mattered. He already knew the answer, but just to make sure, he ran a hand over one of the blossoming streaks of pale pink. Hearing the bitten-off invective that she tried so hard to hide was music to his ears.

“Now I shall find out if that nubile body of yours is hot for mine. You just stand there, while I go check, cherie. At her infuriated roar, he chuckled and to fuel the flames of her ire, he placed both of his very talented hands down upon her; hands that knew how to play a woman. They could perform a slow, sensuous rhumba or a fast and intense salsa, for that matter they could execute the whole of Rachmaninov’s third piano concerto, if he were so inclined, but for tonight it would have to be short and sweet. They had an agenda to complete and he wanted her to be firmly secreted away in his mountain mansion before the sun released its potent morning rays upon them.


Not enough naughtiness for you? No problem. Hop on over to SatSpanks and read to your heart’s desire 😉 Have a great weekend y’all!

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