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This is reblogged from Nicole Ryan’s blogspot. It was a lusty luncheon submissions challenge and all erotica participants had to write with both sex AND food on the brain… it was lots of fun. Have a read below and see if any tasty morsels take your fancy…

Hello hello! It’s finally time! I received quite a few submissions for this Lusty Luncheon, and here are my favorites! I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I did… you might want to have something yummy to eat handy!
The Date
Christina Mandara
The restaurant was heaving with bodies. It would have cost Darrin a good deal more than money to have secured a table at the chic, ‘Chartreuse’ at such short notice. As Lavinder walked arm in arm with her arch enemy, she felt several pairs of eyes begin to covet her body. That was Darrin’s fault. The dress he had insisted she wear would probably get her arrested for indecent exposure. The opaque gossamer of the long turquoise evening dress left little of what resided underneath to the imagination.
How she hated the fact that she must obey every order that issued from his lips. But she definitely did not want the details of her little snooping session within his office to become public knowledge and unless she complied with his 24 hour get-out-of-jail free card, she would end up behind bars. It would ruin her career. She sat.
“Do you remember what I said, earlier?” the rough edge to his voice doubled her heart rate. She had to turn her head away from his perceptive gaze, so her body wouldn’t betray her.
“Yes. Unless I’m a good girl, you’re going to throw the book at me.” She knew that wasn’t what he had meant and that he wouldn’t accept the deflection.
“You know exactly what I’m referring to.”
He placed his hand on Lavinder’s knee and began a leisurely journey up her thigh. She might as well have been naked, because the touch made her jump so high, she nearly hit the edge of the table.
“I’ll stop, if you remember.”
“Fine. You said that you wouldn’t need to order me around to get me into bed.” Lavinder bit the words out.
Lavinder let a slow growl form in her throat. The man obviously wanted blood. “You inferred that I would be the one begging you to sleep with me.”
“Is that such an unpleasant thought?”
“You have no idea.” Her body thrummed with arousal and her mouth practically dribbled to be taken by this man. No other man had this effect on her and she hated the fact.
The slight twist to the edge of his mouth, as if he knew her statement was a lie, had her hand reaching up to slap the smirk off his handsome face. He caught it neatly.
“That is your first mistake, cherie, and with it you will forfeit the use of your hands all evening. You will place them in your lap or I will handcuff them behind your back.”
Lavinder’s eyes nearly popped out of her head. “You wouldn’t!”
“Care to test the theory, cherie?” He gave her a dark gaze. “If you don’t, I suggest you do as I ask.” He began to rummage around in his pocket.
Gritting her teeth, she placed her hands as directed. No sooner had she completed the task, than their meal arrived. He, apparently, had ordered for her.
Fruit de la mer, cherie. The food of love,” he whispered.
She watched as he picked up a large, opalescent scallop shell and scooped the flesh out with his fingers.
“Open.” He held it up to her lips.
Sighing, she closed her eyes and did as she was bid. When the warm scallop landed on her tongue, she was surprised at the light and fluffy meat, which almost melted on her tongue. The hint of ginger and the tanginess of star anise had her mouth watering. His index finger caressed the line of her mouth, where a single drop of buttered sauce had escaped. He moved forward to lick it clean with his tongue.
Dessert…seconds please
Suzy Ayers
I slipped into my red silk nighty. The slight amounts of the fabric it did have, clung to my soft skin. I’d told him to wait, to give me a few minutes. I ran my hand against the thin material, so smooth; I let out a light moan as I slid my hand over my breast, feeling sexy. The watermelon scented candles flickered and the glow danced off the ceiling, as I set my treats on the nightstand.
Lying on the bed, twisting my hips sideways, I grabbed a handful of M&Ms. Starting at my ankle, I carefully lined my body. I pulled at the taut fabric at my chest, sliding my hand across the soft mounds and setting my breasts free. I placed one chocolate kiss on each nipple.
With a giddy grin, and a girly giggle, I knocked on the wall to signal I was ready. My pulse increased and flutters erupted in my belly.
The door opened and instantly, devouring eyes roved my body, which scorched my flesh like flames. He moved to the foot of the bed swiftly. Beginning at my ankle his tongue captured the treats eagerly, three at a time. I tried hard to maintain my composure; keep still, as the kisses melted and clung to my heated nipples. The sensation and anticipation made my clit swell and ache, as my head rocked back. I tried to watch, keep our eyes locked, so desperately I tried. His gaze seduced me more than his mouth.
His lips pulled the remaining candies from my hip, cracking them between his teeth. Roughly, he pushed my hip back and splayed my legs open, as he swallowed the chocolate. I gasped. Shocked at the pure urgency in his eyes; the clouded darkness rolled into them and the hunger that poured from them.
As he crawled up me slowly, his erection tickled the inside of my thigh; I could feel it weeping pre-come across my heated flesh. My breath quickened into short pulses, I couldn’t blink, nor speak. A delicious grin parted across his face. His tongue swirled around each chocolate kiss, plucking it off, as his teeth returned for seconds, scraping against the sensitive tissue and tugging my nipples to points. His teeth moved north and his lips encased my neck, as one hand pressed my wrist above my head.
My other hand fisted his hair, as he roughly forced himself inside my soaked cunt. I pulled my legs up, wrapping them around; pulling him deeper. Each thrust was deeper, harder, as he bottomed out. I couldn’t get enough of the assault. I was panting for more; clawing at his skin with my free hand.
I screamed as my climax neared; I didn’t want it to end. And as it hit, as the heat surged and my orgasm crested, he grunted—alerting me to our simultaneous orgasm. His dew covered forehead dropped, resting on my shoulder. Breathing…breathing…trying to catch his breath.
I hadn’t realized it, but I had bit him. Prying my teeth from his flesh, I asked, “Did you like your dessert?”
“Did you?” he whispered through labored breaths scented with chocolate. More on Suzy
Dessert for Two by Alexander
“I hope you left room for dessert.”  He tells her as the waiter rolls a cart to the side of their table.  “Here is your fruit platter, Monsieur.”  The waiter backs away from the assortment.
“What is this?”  She asks with a wide smile.  Her boyfriend stands and grabs her hand bringing her closer to him.  The waiter clears the table top completely as the man pulls the spaghetti straps of her evening dress down past her shoulders.  In one fluid motion the dress falls to the ground.  She is naked except for some see threw lace panties.  He squeezes her perky tits while sucking the sensitive spot on her neck.  When her breath deepens he sits her in the middle of the table.  She spreads her bent legs and he rubs her shaved pussy through her underwear.  He looks over at the waiter.  “Banana, please.”  The waiter quickly peels and hands him the fruit.  He places it to her lips and her tongue darts out licking the tip.  Opening wide she allows him to place half of it into her mouth.  He places her hand around it and goes for the cart.  Without breaking it she sucks and licks the banana.  He returns with chocolate syrup overflowing from a ladle.  The syrup is dripped onto the banana and down her chest.  She moans, hungrily eating the banana as more syrup is poured over it.  He grabs a handful of pitted cherries and places them into her panties.  She shudders at the coolness and then pulls him in for a passionate tongue kissing. They both rub her cherry twat as he bends down to suck her erect nipples clean of any remaining syrup.
She arches back as he licks his way down her sweet stomach.  When his face is between her legs she pulls her soaked panties to the side letting excess cherry bits drip down.  He licks around her pussy before putting her in his mouth.  She tenses as her cherry filled labia is sucked and licked.  His tongue slips inside her and they both groan with pleasure.  The waiter’s cock has swollen to twice its size and aches for release.  He pulls it free, holds his waist apron to the side, and begins stroking himself furiously.  She holds her lover’s face in her pussy and winks at the waiter while licking her upper lip.  Her boyfriend slides two fingers into her cunt and sucks her clit.  Still holding his head she pumps onto his fingers never looking away from the long cock being jerked off.  The waiter’s spastic body motion tells her he’s close.  “Yeah, let me see that cream.”  She orders the waiter.  The waiter moans and hollers as globs of cum ooze from his cock.  “Oh fuck I’m cumming with you!”  She screams as her pussy squirts.  Her hips buck as a geyser of pussy juice splashes her boyfriend’s face.  She lies on her stomach as he pulls his thick meat out.  She puts her mouth around him sucking deep and fast.  Slowing only to lick pre cum from the hole she bobs her head slurping the shaft.  He pumps into her eager mouth pushing out thick ropes of slob.  With a pop, he pulls his cock free.  It jumps as long yarns of ivory cum shoot out onto her face.  She licks some out of the air catching the rest as it drips past her lips.  She sucks the tip of his sensitive knob swallowing leaking wads of cum.  “I love date night.”  He says trying to stay standing.
More on Alexander
Some-odd Shades of Cheesecake,  by D.J. Davis
He poured himself over her, a tanned, delicious, warm embrace and she let him fall onto her, sultry, tasting of salt and sexy indulgence.  She wanted him, wanted to feel him covering her in his hot, slick, sticky love.  As he settled over her, she shuddered, a heat rising from her cool, pale body.  She could almost see a steam above them as they connected, a beautiful scintillating cosmos as she let him play about her.  He slid down her in a delectable hug that had her wanting so much more.
And then it came.
He’d brought a friend.  He was dark, beautiful, sensual, and he was more than ready to finish what his friend had started.  He was a sexy counterpoint, an equal partner, thick, bold, and she reveled in it as he slid easily over her.  She let them play about her body, teasing her, filling her with such desire as she’d never known, warming her beyond measure.  She thought she would fall apart from the heat of their embrace.
Yet, another entered.  Paler than she, but a sweet, gentle, cooling embrace, he had, kissing her body with light, airy consideration, as of butterfly wings.  This was almost too much and she shivered in delight.  Those cool, willowy hands upon her, cupping her gently, pulling tiny ripples of excitement from her body.  This was far more than her first time required, but she was more than ready for it all.
Something red, glistening, dripping, came toward her, and she tried to thrust her body upward.  It kissed her most recent lover in passing, resting easily upon her waiting, quivering flesh.
And then there was a thrusting deep within her, a feeling to the core of her being.  She wanted to shout, to howl her orgasm to the sky, knowing that this next step was going to be exhilarating.  Her true lover moaned as she entered her mouth.
Dinner With Daddy
Nicole Ryan
She’d waited for him all day. Her body hummed with the need he’d purposefully planted there before he had left for twelve hours of work that day.
She’d tried desperately to busy herself, household chores, social media but no matter what she did that ache would return, pulsing deep down inside of her. He’d forbidden her from satisfying herself before he left.
But how would he know?
A silly mistake it had been to ask that question… she knew the rules. But to sit there next to the window, the scent of the country air caressing her skin as she had wished he could do at that second was so delicious.
She never in a million years would have guessed that he would come home early, after only a half day’s work. When their eyes met over the field she folded into herself, demurely smiling at him through the window. But then, she even had the audacity to lift her finger and wrap her pink lips around it before sucking. Her eyes taunted him the entire time.
He loved his little brat, she knew that, but she also knew the rebellious online comment she’d planted for him to find would be fueling his lust at that moment. She slid from her place on the sill like oil slipping into water, made her way to meet him at the door.
Not a word was said, none were needed. His hand was in her panties instantly, inspecting her, while his deep green eyes had inspected her soul. She’d continued to grin, taunting him and when he growled the words that made her spine tingle she felt her heat rate increase just a little.
“This is mine.” He had said while he removed his jacket slowly. “I expected to come home and surprise you.”
He’d reached outside the wide open door, the cicadas were singing in the distance and the heat was comforting. When he straightened he held a large brown paper bag.
“Come.” He had  instructed, tilting his head toward the patio and she had followed with curiosity.
He’d proceeded to remove what little clothing she wore slowly, his cool hands caressing her warm flesh. He kissed her breasts, her hips, nipping at her soft stomach.
“Will you ever learn?” He’d asked quietly, his warm breath trickling across her skin.
She’d grinned as his fingers explored her, but he only brought her to the edge before removing them and arranging her on the patio table. The sun was warm on her golden skin, the backs of her lids burned red. His touches had continued on and on, sending little sparks shooting across her skin.
Now, here she lay, on the hot wooden tabletop, the remnants of cool fruit and salad having been devoured from her glistening body. the heat was no longer a comfort. She felt the little droplets of sweat collecting on her upper lip. She squirmed in the uncomfortable heat.
He’d intermittently teased her naked flesh, drawing forth her juices like honey for his fresh treats, she trembled with need. She knew she should feel exhausted, or angry at his cocky grin as he licked his fingers clean… but she only needed him, craved him inside of her.
“Such a lovely dinner we’ve had, pet.” He said softly, stroking the soft hair between her thighs. “I can’t wait to get to supper, maybe by then you’ll have remembered that good girls do not come when they’ve specifically been told not to.”
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An Evening Captured in 600 Moments
Linda Y James
He met her in the hotel lobby. They had a room. But he led her to the restaurant. He just wanted to get a night cap and something to nibble on. She looked at him, puzzled. They had been together just once. It had been terrific. After her marriage, it was such a beautiful reawakening to the sensual things in life. But she still didn’t really know him. She had expected that they would go straight to the room. She was wearing a very classy coat in the form of a draping shawl. But she had very little on underneath. Thigh high stockings, panties, a black bra.
They headed to the restaurant and were seated. It was late, the restaurant was virtually empty. The waiter offered to take her coat. She looked at him with a bit of shock, but quickly recovered saying no, she was cold, she would keep it. They sat down and he ordered a bottle of Prosecco and dessert. A bowl of in-season fruit, cherries. When they were in season they were incredible, their tart sweetness reminiscent of a sultry evening. Hmmm.
The wine and cherries arrived. The waiter poured the wine and left them. He took her hand. With his other hand he very slowly, almost sensually took the cherries one by one and dropped them into her flute glass. He looked at her. His tongue slowly touched his upper lip. Oh, how she liked that tongue. It had done things to her she hadn’t felt in decades. She needed to feel that again. She was already moist, but now she was wet.
He tilted his head and spoke softly ‘take off your panties and hand them to me’. Her eyes got a little big. She looked at him. He said ‘here, now. Show me how wet you are’. She started to smile. Stopped herself. She wouldn’t give him that, at least not yet. How much she liked his request, where his mind was going. He had known exactly what he was doing coming to the restaurant. Oh, this was going to be fun, so much fun.
Her hands went under the table. She reached in and touched herself through her panties. Oh yes, she was wet. She liked that. A succulent gift for him. Something to wordlessly show what he did to her. She lifted off her chair just slightly, her muscles engaging as they would soon upstairs in bed as she was riding him. She lowered her panties, wriggling as she did so. He was watching, his eyes now the ones that were big. She knew she had him hard, and she so wanted to see the visual effect she had on him.
She lifted the panties slowly with one hand. Crumpled them. Pulled them to her nose and breathed in her scent. She bit her lip. Oh her fragrance was strong right now, musky with the barest hint of strawberry left from her earlier bath. Intoxicating. She playfully tossed her most intimate gift at him, no longer needing to be restrained or contained. Her lips wanted him.
He took one of the cherries from the flute glass and held it out to her.
‘Please hold this inside for me.
I’ll want to retrieve it when we get to the room’
She took it and again returned to her moistness. She inserted it. She held it, feeling its softness, moist and giving itself.
He handed her one more. Then he turned to the waiter and asked to have him bill his room.

He reached out for her hand and asked ‘shall we go?’

Oh the Services a Private Rail Car Can Offer Linda Y James

She was nervous, exited and worried.  The train had stopped in DC and he had yet come aboard.  ‘If I had to endure this Brazilian wax for nothing.. ‘ She waited patiently in the private rail car.  Black silk skirt with short sleeved V neck grey, very thin silk blouse, black thigh high stockings & 2 inch black heels.
She reached into her purse, brought out her compact for a quick glance.   Perfect. She took the train from Boston to DC to meet her friend.  The plan was he would board the train in DC and they would travel down to Charleston and spend the rest of the weekend.
There was a knock on the car door.. Her heart started to race.  It had been over a month since she had last seen him.  Damn long distance relationships.   “yes.”
It was the porter with an 8 x 10 inch manila envelope.  He handed it to her then closed the car door. She opened up the envelope and pulled out a black blindfold with a note.   “Put this on.   M. “
She smiled.  “You devil”   She put the blindfold on and waited.  She heard the car door slide open and someone enter.  The light scent of Capri Orange filled the private car.  “Wear this only for me” she had instructed him the last time she had spent the weekend in DC. She felt him sit beside her, only slightly touching.  He kissed the nape of her neck. Gently turned her to him and kissed her lips.  Nice, soft warm lips.  Then she felt his tongue in her mouth.  His hand went up her leg, her skirt.  There was something very arousing about depending on senses other than sight. His touch seemed softer as he pulled up her skirt.  Not being able to see him heightened her anticipation.  He knelt down in front of her and spread her legs and then starting licking her inner thighs.  He stopped. She felt him nibble her neck.  He kissed her softly, gently.  Back down to her thighs.. Going further up .. She was getting wetter.   She felt his finger slide gently inside of her then up to her clit, rubbing very softly. She let out a small moan.  She felt his hand on her right breast through her thin silk blouse, then his mouth sucking her breast through the fabric.  He took her hand and placed it on her clit.  He was growing harder watching this incredible woman of his touch her clit then place a finger and slide gently in and out of a now very wet pussy.
There was a soft knock on the door.  “Porter” She heard the door open and unintelligible conversation.  The door closed softly.
“Open your mouth” he said almost as a command.
She obliged.   She immediately recognized the aroma before he put the spicy, with a touch of olive oil ,  slightly crisp,  Greek tapa into her mouth.   The taste was incredible.  He fed her the tapa slowly then handed her a glass of rosemary scented,  Agiorgitiko tasting the very potent black cherry flavor .
“More?” she inquired.
She heard him unzip his pants.  Capri Orange with a light musky smell.
His hardness brushed her cheek.  She smiled, “Mmmm, dessert”, and opened her mouth, waiting to taste him.
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A big thank you to Nicole Ryan for hosting the challenge! I can’t wait for the next one 🙂 xxx

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