#SatSpanks – No TALKING in the DUNGEON! BDSM & #Giveaway Rafflecopter

Hello and welcome fellow spankers! It’s Saturday and yes, you’ve guessed it, I have plenty of naughtiness for you! Today we’re taking a look at ‘Named and Shamed’ and the delightful Kyle. Did I say delightful? I meant frightful 😉 Named and Shamed Kyle pulled up a brown leather lounger (even the dungeon had standards) […]

Wooden Pony Play – #BDSM #NSFW

Looks innocent enough, doesn’t it? Little wooden frame, angled at the top to provide, if not quite a point, a sharp sloping angle. Where does the torture come in? Well, sit your victim on the top of your pony for any length of time, making sure that their feet cannot quite touch the ground, and […]