4 Days of BDSM Training! This might HURT! #BDSM #Kink

I Like the guy’s sense of humour 😉 I also love his parting shot – ‘You’re Going To Be Very Sore When You Leave Here, Did I Mention That?” – Her response is also quite amusing 🙂 Anyway, based on this video do you want to watch more? I’m curious. I think I do…

#MasturbationMonday and the #Sadist Kyle ;) BDSM

  Hands up, who’s going blind? Yes, that’s right – it’s Masturbation Monday and this is where things get filthy dirty… but you have been warned. A ROUGH RIDE “Faster, Petal, faster. Pretend Justin Bieber’s just around the corner, holding a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie. That’s the kind of thing you […]

#WIPITUP Wednesday – Naughty Games – Carrots and #Dildos!

Yes, we’re wipping it up again and there’s no cream in sight… Err, well, there might be, but it’s not the same thing – honest! Anyway, I’m in celebration mode here – The Ties That Bind has made it over the 50,000 word milestone mark. YAY! It’ll be over 100,000 before I know it… The […]