#SatSpanks: Learning to OBEY – Or – You’ll Have to KILL Me First! #BDSM

Hello fellow spankettes and pervs… welcome to the WEEKEND! And what a week it’s been! Cover wars, the completion of a new anthology ‘Tease To Please’ and now the final edit on ‘The Ties That Bind’ before I ship it off to Chimera books. It’s all exciting stuff! But now for your Saturday morning tease… […]

#PonyGirl Play in the Flesh – A beautifully choreographed video by Mary Jane O’Reilly

 Reblogged from Jolynn Raymond “Horses” from Mary Jane O’Reilly’s Neo Burlesque Show #PonyPlay – Ooh this was too much fun! “Horses” from Mary Jane O’Reilly’s Neo Burlesque Show #PonyPlay  BeautysPunishmentMay 21, 2014Jolynn Raymond For all you folks that love the pony girls, this ones for you. I found this video earlier today, and then emailed Mary Jane if it […]