#Figging, Gingering, Rhaphanidosis and Soring #BDSM

All of these terms, with the exception of Rhaphanidosis, are related to horses. Various, kinky fun can be had out of a few of them… with the right know-how 😉 Figging Historically, it was well known Victorian prisoners and female slaves in ancient Greece were subjected to the practice of ‘Figging’ which is where a paired […]

#Figging and #BDSM

Figging play with ginger root.Figging, The art of Ginger root play as used in Play or punishment is BDSM and slave training is discussed in the following article.The Art of Ginger Root Playby Master Michael aka Propane7@aol.com When I first wrote an article on figging some years ago, I received, not surprisingly, a heap of […]