Why a bit of #PAIN is GOOD for YOU! @naughtynell101

This article by the Mail Online intrigued me. Submissives quite often have to endure more than their fare share of pain and I wondered if it that might be a good or bad thing health-wise. It turns out that a bit of discomfort doesn’t do us too much harm… and may actually serve us for the […]

#ScintillatingSunday – SECRETS – #PNR pic.twitter.com/UdIA5dF5qS @naughtynell101

Hello lazy Sunday… hope you’re all laying in bed and lounging around. I am. The weather’s awful (we talk about the weather a lot in the UK – you may have noticed!) and there is no way I’m leaving the house. That’s a good thing, hopefully some writing will be done. Maybe!?! Desiring Death “So, […]

#SatSpanks – Controlling SCREAMS – #BDSM & Intense Bondage!

Woohoo to the weekend and a nice long one for those of you in the US. Yes – happy labour day! Let’s get the weekend off with a bang with some fireworks then… (not that I need an excuse 😉 ) THE TIES THAT BIND Releasing 09.14.2015 Available for pre-order here. “I don’t believe you, Matthews. […]