#SatSpanks – Two Minutes to #Orgasm – BDSM

Welcome to the weekend! We have timed orgasms today from ‘Named and Shamed.’ Here’s hoping you plenty more of the delicious things, over the course of your weekend! May it be filled with naughtiness ❤ Named and Shamed ‘You are allowed two minutes in which to bring yourself to orgasm, Marianna. Failure will result in […]

#ScintillatingSunday – I Need To Know What You’re Thinking #BDSM #PNR

Hello and welcome to Scintillating Sunday, the blog hop with the deliciously naughty difference. Desiring Death Cupping her sex and cradling the heat he found there was an almost divine experience. There was another hiss and her head snaked around to give him baleful glare, but he wasn’t the least bit interested in her face. […]