#MasturbationMonday – The #Ponygirls are #Sucking!

It’s Monday again! Have I got the Monday Morning shakes? Yes, but it’s going to be OK because I’m only a few seconds away from delicious naughtiness! Today we’re talking about cream… in a manner of speaking 😀 You’ve been warned…   Named and Shamed As Jenny had come in last, there was only one […]

#WIPITUP with Melody Parks – Don’t #PLAY with your FOOD #BDSM

  Hello and welcome to the middle of the week. Hurrah. A big shout out to those of you who are up to your necks in snow – thankfully in the UK we’ve only had little flutters (although secretly I wouldn’t mind getting the sledge out, but don’t tell anybody, OK?) Anyway, time to get […]