#MasturbationMonday – FOODPLAY #Anal #Sex

It’s that day of the week where we put our Monday Blue’s aside and focus on … NAUGHTINESS. Hoorah. Today we’re off for a spot of food play in Mark Matthew’s office – where else? 🙂 Named and Shamed Knocking at Matthew’s door for permission to enter, he immediately waved her inside. Taking the carrier […]

#MySexySaturday – FRUSTRATION! #BDSM & A Timed Orgasm

A very happy, sexy Saturday to you, wherever you are! This week’s theme is ‘Are You Sexy?’ Well, you’ll have to judge that for yourself – but with Mark and Marianna… there’s sure to be plenty of stormy times ahead 😉 Named and Shamed “You are allowed two minutes in which to bring yourself to […]

#MasturbationMonday – The #Ponygirls are #Sucking!

It’s Monday again! Have I got the Monday Morning shakes? Yes, but it’s going to be OK because I’m only a few seconds away from delicious naughtiness! Today we’re talking about cream… in a manner of speaking 😀 You’ve been warned…   Named and Shamed As Jenny had come in last, there was only one […]

#MasturbationMonday – #PonyGirl Fitting – #Anal

Welcome to #MM or downright, deliciously sexy and sinful for anyone who hasn’t been here before. Today is Monday, but are we blue? Oh no, we’re anything butt…. Named and Shamed Agnes breathed a sigh of relief when the pile of tack had almost disappeared. “I’ll let you play with the insertables, dear.” She needn’t […]

#MasturbationMonday – #Spanking – Belt – #BDSM

Hello and welcome to one of the best days of the week – #MM or MasturbationMonday! Today I have a snippet from ‘Named and Shamed’ and we’re talking spankings! Brace yourself 😉 Repositioning herself over the cold, wooden table, she felt it flatten her ample breasts and dig into the soft flesh of her stomach. […]

Preview of NAMED AND SHAMED – #Ponygirl romp #BDSM

GOOD EVENING   The Mercedes coupé slunk silently through the evening traffic, sneaking in and out of lanes with stealth and speed. Like a bullet made of liquid silver, the six litre engine had eaten up several hundred miles of motorway with sublime ease and was now purring happily in the smog-filled heart of London. […]