#ScintillatingSunday – Three Lashes From the Belt! #BDSM pic.twitter.com/qJAkQeUPR1

It’s Sunday – and I’m back with more naughtiness! Hope you all have a super sexy Sunday 😉 NAMED AND SHAMED “We’re going to play a little game, you and I,” he murmured seductively. “You’re going to feed me every last drop of my coffee, using nothing more than these.” To reiterate his point, he […]

#SatSpanks – Two Minutes to #Orgasm – BDSM

Welcome to the weekend! We have timed orgasms today from ‘Named and Shamed.’ Here’s hoping you plenty more of the delicious things, over the course of your weekend! May it be filled with naughtiness ❤ Named and Shamed ‘You are allowed two minutes in which to bring yourself to orgasm, Marianna. Failure will result in […]

#SatSpanks – Sweet #Submission! BDSM, Bondage & Food Play

YAY! It’s the weekend and what better way to celebrate than with utterly decadent naughtiness! I’m posting a juicy excerpt from ‘Named and Shamed’ today! Named and Shamed Marianna was hardly going to start running about the place with various soft and squishy pieces of fruit decorating nearly every orifice. Whilst the office staff wouldn’t […]

#ScintillatingSunday – #BDSM & NETTLES?

Is it Sunday already? Well that means it’s time for the Mile High Muses Blog Hop! Hmmm… a lazy Sunday morning in bed… what should I give you to dribble over? Oh, hang on, I know just the thing! NAMED and SHAMED Gritting her teeth Jenny grimaced and gave him what he wanted; the lewd […]

#SatSpanks – Exploding! #Orgasm

  Hello Saturday and welcome fellow Spankos!! It’s time for a little something… wickedly naughty, and what better start to the weekend than with an ORGASM. Hope you enjoy 😉 Named and Shamed “Hand up, ladies and gentlemen. Who would like to see this filly explode?” The response to the auctioneer’s voice was deafening. The […]

#SatSpanks – Girl on Girl #BDSM #Oral

Hello Spankos! Hands up who’s hungover? Me? Ask me tomorrow… I’m in fancy dress and am one of the three musketeers tonight – so wish me luck 😉 As for today’s snippet – well, I thought I’d do a little F/f for a change 😉 NAMED and SHAMED Having the taste of a woman in […]

#SatSpanks – #Latex Catsuits and Zips – HOT BDSM

  Hello fellow spankos!! Thump your fists in the air and give yourself a cheer ‘cos you’ve made it all the way through the week until Saturday. What’s your reward for this amazing feat? Dirty smut. There you have it 😉 NAMED AND SHAMED Kyle was enjoying himself far too much. He had a thing […]

#MasturbationMonday * Ripping Off #Panties! * BDSM

It’s MOANDAY… and what do we do on MOANDAY? (Apart from grumble and moan, that is?) We write dirty. Enjoy! Named and Shamed He stood up and let his right hand trace a leisurely path down the side of her body until he reached her ass. He then let two of his fingers walk down […]

#SatSpanks – Elastic Band Torment #BDSM

  Thank God it’s the weekend! Anyone else feel like that? Phew, what a week – but thankfully it’s all over now and I can put my feet up and have a large glass of wine. Or Three.   Named and Shamed “I’m going to eat you, Marianna. Every single inch of your flesh is […]

#MasturbationMonday – The Wand, #Orgasm Denial & Nettles!

  Hello all of you who love team naughty!! Yes, that’s right – it’s Monday, it’s Masturbation month and we’re about to get dirty. You’ve been warned 😉   Named and Shamed “Attention ponies, eyes front,” said a stern voice which commanded attention. All the ponies did as they were told, even Jenny, who was […]