#MySexySaturday – FRUSTRATION! #BDSM & A Timed Orgasm

A very happy, sexy Saturday to you, wherever you are! This week’s theme is ‘Are You Sexy?’ Well, you’ll have to judge that for yourself – but with Mark and Marianna… there’s sure to be plenty of stormy times ahead 😉 Named and Shamed “You are allowed two minutes in which to bring yourself to […]

#MySexySaturday – Was He Gorgeously #Sexy?

  Hello and welcome to another edition of My Sexy Saturday. Not only is it the weekend, but it’s a long, HOLIDAY weekend! Hooray. What better way to celebrate than with naughtiness… 😀  — So we’re back with vampires this week and a bit of friendly banter 😉   Was He Gorgeous? ‘Do tell us, Violet. […]

#MySexySaturday – The Stranger #BDSM

Woohoo! It’s the weekend and it’s SEXY time. I’m going with seductive, sultry and sarcastic with my wonderful vampire, Monsieur Martinet today. Hope you have fun 😉 Desiring Death Imagine a famed vampire huntress with a taste for death. She’s so successful, not a single vampire has ever managed to escape her wooden stakes or […]

#MySexySaturday – #Coffee and #BDSM!

Hello to my second week of MY SEXY SATURDAY and this week’s theme is SEX ME UP. Well, that’s open to interpretation, isn’t it? I’ll just have to see what I can do… brace yourselves guys, it’s SEXY time!   Named and Shamed He took pity on her. “Take a sip, but do not swallow. […]

#MySexySaturday – Do You Want to #Kiss Me?

  Hello and welcome to My Sexy Saturday. This is my first go at the MSS blog hop, so wish me luck! I can post seven paragraphs, seven sentences or seven words… hmm, I think I’ll go with words. This week’s theme is all about kissing… and who doesn’t love a bit of lip-locking, breath […]