#MasturbationMonday – Pony Girl Uniform Fitting! #BDSM

Hello and give a cheer – for yep, once again – MOAN DAY is here! OK – Pony Girl Uniform Fitting today, so we’re back with ‘Named and Shamed.’ Named and Shamed “Bend her over Aggie,” said Hetty, as she placed a plastic dildo beside the glistening wet plug. Jenny felt the chains that had been tight […]

#MasturbationMonday – Caged #BDSM w/ #Anal

Hello and welcome to another MONDAY! BOOHOO… But I’ve got depraved goodies for you here, YAY! So, we’re back with A ROUGH RIDE and Jenny’s just getting ready for her journey to the notorious extreme bondage expert, Leyland Forbes. A ROUGH RIDE I want you to stay as still as you can. You are not […]

#MasturbationMonday – FOODPLAY #Anal #Sex

It’s that day of the week where we put our Monday Blue’s aside and focus on … NAUGHTINESS. Hoorah. Today we’re off for a spot of food play in Mark Matthew’s office – where else? 🙂 Named and Shamed Knocking at Matthew’s door for permission to enter, he immediately waved her inside. Taking the carrier […]

#MasturbationMonday – Medical Edge Play #BDSM

Hello and welcome to another edition of Masturbation Monday – that day of the week where we talk dirty and write dirtier. I’m going back to the first book in the Pony Tales Series today and including a snippet from ‘The Riding School.’ The Riding School ‘Give me five minutes and then you can wake […]

#MasturbationMonday – #Virgins are a Pain in the #Ass!

  Hello and a big wave from me because it’s Monday and it’s that day of the week where we talk… Masturbation. Well, just general naughtiness really, but you get the idea:) I’m back with Desiring Death and Wet T-shirt competitions. Enjoy 😉   Desiring Death ‘If there was a wet t-shirt competition in these […]

Christina’s Top 10 Euphemisms for Female #Masturbation – #Funny!

Well, a little while ago we did the top ten euphemisms for male masturbation and several peeps asked for the female version. So, don’t blame me. You asked for it and here it is! ~Drumroll please~ 10. Soaking in Palmolive 9. Stinky Pinky 8. Surfing the Channel 7. Walking Downtown 6. Swimming in the Red Sea (sorry, […]

MasturbationMonday – Remove those #Panties! #FREE

Hello and welcome to Masturbation Monday and I have GREAT NEWS – I come (pun intended) bearing gifts… For those that haven’t grabbed their free copy of ‘Dancing With Death’ get it now by clicking on one of the pictures or just here. It’s FREE until Tuesday 27th Jan, so don’t delay, grab it TODAY. Ok, […]

#MasturbationMonday – #SPANK A LICIOUS!

    Hello and welcome to Masturburbation Monday. That day of the week where we go OOh and AAhh. What’s up for this week’s episode…  well, read on and find out ; A ROUGH RIDE After an exhausting crawl back to the stables, Jenny found herself smartly lined up with all the other ponies. Squirming […]

Christina’s Top 10 Euphemisms for Masturbation #funny

  Well, it’s getting near that time of the year when we do count downs, so I thought… let’s have a go at something different. (OK, OK, I was searching terms for my new book – that’s my excuse, anyways…) So. Here are my top ten. Hope you have a giggle 😉 10. Going to […]

#MasturbationMonday – #Naughty #Erotic #Games!

It was clear that she was nervous by the faint ripple of movement which flowed through her body and so she should be. Women talked and the other ladies in his office had many tales to tell. Tonight, this beautiful creature was going to be used as he had used no-one else in his office […]