The SECRET #FETISH EMPIRE of #KINK! BDSM ** 18 & Over **

If 50 Shades of Grey was just a little bit of dark romance… wait till you see the trailer for KINK. This looks interesting… very… very… INTERESTING 😉 Christina’s favourite quote: The bondage doesn’t bother me… it’s the clamp and the whips that gets to me. So, what do you think kinky people?

#SatSpanks – Spook Me! #Halloween Edition

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Hope everyone has their jack o lanterns all ready to go and lots of spooktastic treats ready to be shared around. Whilst on the subject of trick or treating… well… it’s just treats in this camp. (I hope!) “She’s quite beautiful, isn’t she?” Leyland, who had sprung out of nowhere, sidled up to […]