#WIPITUP Wednesday – Tied To The BED All Day! #BDSM #Handcuffs

Hello Wipsters 🙂 Well, Electric is all finished, so that’s being edited and whilst that’s going on, Dancing with Death and Desiring Death are getting a makeover for inclusion in a summer paranormal boxset. I’m going to squish both books together and write a non cliffhangery type ending. Gosh – this will be two books […]

#WIPIT UP Wednesday with Melody Parks – Handcuffed to the Bed! #BDSM

  Hello Wipsters and happy holidays! Yes we’re wrapping up WIPIT with a special Chrimbo edition… and how better to celebrate than with HANDCUFFS. Ooh I love handcuffs. All that shiny steel and chrome… so much fun 😉 Anyway, good news – Desiring Death has been shipped across to ChimeraBooks and as soon as I […]

#Bondage – Silk and Lace or #Leather and Chains?

There are two camps for the school of bondage. Silk scarves, satin sheets, corsetry and a few ribbons for the inevitable blindfold and makeshift ‘ropes’ make up the first. This is the art of romance; the soft, sensual touch where the merest flick of material will send your submissive into hyper sub-space. Then there is the […]

Christina Mandara’s Top Ten #Kinky Accessories

So, you think you’re kinky? Prove it. How many of the items on the top ten list do you have stored in your naughty closet at home? #10 Knee length/Thigh high boots – strut around the house in these babies in your underwear and yes, you’re one kinky lady #9 PVC or Latex Clothing – […]