#MasturbationMonday and the #Sadist Kyle ;) BDSM

  Hands up, who’s going blind? Yes, that’s right – it’s Masturbation Monday and this is where things get filthy dirty… but you have been warned. A ROUGH RIDE “Faster, Petal, faster. Pretend Justin Bieber’s just around the corner, holding a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Fudge Brownie. That’s the kind of thing you […]

Focus on #GAGS – The Ball Gag

  Ball Gags and why I love them… The ability to speak and sound out thoughts is a powerful thing… take that away and you’re immediately making a sub vulnerable. Their ability to utter a safe word will change to an action… so the very act of gagging them, whilst it can be deliciously beautiful, […]