#BDSM 101 – A is for AROMA PLAY

Aroma Play Certain smells can induce certain emotions. By burning scented candles and oil and letting the smell permeate through the room, you can create a unique mood or atmosphere for your scene. They can also be combined within a carrier oil for a sensual massage to heighten foreplay, as  a prelude to love-making. Here’s a little […]

10 Ways to Have Better, Stronger Orgasms

  1. Foreplay – tease, torment, stroke and caress. Anticipation is the mother of all great orgasms. 2. Have lubricant handy – things are always much more fun when they go smoothly. 3. Try edging – work your partner into a near orgasm frenzy and then stop, just before the big ‘O’ appears. Rinse and […]