#WIPITUP Wednesday – Naughty Games – Carrots and #Dildos!

Yes, we’re wipping it up again and there’s no cream in sight… Err, well, there might be, but it’s not the same thing – honest! Anyway, I’m in celebration mode here – The Ties That Bind has made it over the 50,000 word milestone mark. YAY! It’ll be over 100,000 before I know it… The […]

#WIPITUP Wednesday – #PonyGirl #Fitting!

Welcome to the Work In Progress Blog Hop that gives you a little glimpse into the naughty workings of Christina Mandara’s mind… (EEP!) Where are we today? Back at the Carousel… Petal’s about to be fitted for her… err.. ride. The Ties That Bind “Just wait there while I get your pole, Petal. I’ll have […]

#WIPITUP Wednesday – Extreme #Bondage!

Hello and welcome to that day of the week where we stir things up a bit and bring you a little bit of something special – work that you’ve never seen before! Hooray! This week I’m back with Jenny our resident PonyGirl and she’s having a look around Leyland Forbes’ mansion… The Ties That Bind […]

#SatSpanks – The #Latex Suit & The Device! #BDSM

  WOOHOO! It’s the weekend and what better way to celebrate than with naughtiness… ? Have I got naughtiness? You betcha. Brace yourselves.   Jenny watched as the vet lubricated the plugs which rested on the seat of the latex, currently beneath her legs, and tested the mechanisms. A faint whirring sound could be heard […]

#WIPIT Wednesday with Melody Parks – The Ties That Bind #BDSM #Ponygirls

  It’s New Years Eve – and what better way to celebrate than with a little WIP IT UP naughtiness?  OK, what have I got for you today? A little bit of pony-girl magic. This is from ‘The Ties That Bind,’ and I’ve only just started writing it… ! Hope you enjoy and A VERY HAPPY […]