#MasturbationMonday – #Anal Beads BDSM NSFW! * Pony Girls *

Hello and welcome to MOAN DAY! We’re back on pony-girls today (not literally…) and I thought I’d share a little something from Hot To Trot. This is steamier than a fresh cup of coffee… YuM! Hot To Trot Mark watched her body stiffen, but knew it was not through pain. He’d only worked two of […]

#MasturbationMonday – PonyGirl & #BDSM Antics! @naughtynell101

Hello Monday Moan Dayers 🙂 Hot to Trot Inside the privacy of the tiled wet room, Mark laid out his implements of torture with precision and care. He would begin with an anal douche, filled with a mixture of mineral water and lubricant. It would ensure that she would be nice and slick for the […]

#MasturbationMonday – I’m talking the ‘O’ word here and I don’t mean #Orgasm!

Hello and welcome to MOAN day… yes that’s right, we want you to moan and groan your way through today… and hopefully, the post below might help you do just that… one way or another 😉 A Rough Ride “Remember what we talked about, back in the dungeon?” Jenny remained ominously quiet. They’d talked about […]

How Did One Cure #Piles and #Constipation in 1905?

  Admit it, who was curious? This was recorded in the Detroit Medical Journey in 1905, believe it or not. When I put up my Dungeon Crawl Post – involving anal dilators, Behind the Chintz Curtain kindly gave me this link . I suppose I should have figured they would have a place in medical history but I was somewhat […]