#WIPITUP Wednesday – Back to the Grindstone with Sparks! :) #BDSM Suspense

I’m back! Did you miss me? I’m finally back writing again – and I’m going to finish the short story I did in ‘Dirty Doms’ which is now going to be called ‘Sparks.’ So, here’s a little snippet of where Lois is right now 🙂 Lois Two months later I found myself sitting behind a spotless […]

Publishing’s Dirty Secret: erotic fiction in the 21st century market

Originally posted on Emmanuelle de Maupassant:
Having interviewed just over 130 authors of erotic fiction, this article tackles their experiences of working with publishers, and of self-publishing, of the role of marketing, and the importance of releasing ‘well-crafted’ work. Does erotic fiction remain publishing’s ‘dirty secret’: a widely-read genre, and money earner for publishing houses…