#MasturbationMonday – Do You Want Ropes or Cuffs? #BDSM NSFW

Masturbation Monday

Hello Moan Day’ers! Welcome to Monday and lots of naughtiness. Today I have a little something from ‘Electric’ which has now gone up for pre order for just 99 cents! Ten stories, ten naughty authors – one tiny price. WOOT!

Muscular Man With Shirt On Shoulder


“Well, as soon as the door closes I’ll ask you to get naked.”

I immediately lost the air I’d just struggled to inhale, but honestly, what had I expected? This wasn’t a sparring match. This was sex. Not in the conventional sense, perhaps, but it was close enough.

“Then I’ll tie you up with either ropes or cuffs, depending on which is your preference. Do you have a preference?”

The thought of being completely immobile whilst naked in front of him was dancing around excitedly in my head. It turned me on. Who was I kidding? It felt like someone had punched me in the gut and rewired my brain all at the same time. Squirming uncomfortably, I let my hands fall to either edge of my chair and gripped it tightly. This was yet another scary thing I was going to have to deal with — intense arousal. My vibrator was going to get an impressive workout at the end of my date. There was no way I’d be able to sleep as worked up as I was. There was an uncomfortable silence as James kept looking at me, and I realised he was expecting an answer to his question.

“Oh, right. Um, no, I don’t think I have a preference.” If my voice was slightly breathless and rough, he didn’t seem to notice.

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