#MasturbationMonday – Hair Pulling, Deep Throating & More! #BDSM

Masturbation Monday

Hello and welcome to MOAN DAY. Hands up who needed ten cups of coffee today? *Puts up my hand* Okay, well now it’s time to relax with some naughtiness. I have a little bit of Marianna and Mark for you, and if click on one of the pictures below you’ll be able to get yourself a FREE copy of Named and Shamed, so you can enjoy the whole damn thang! 😉 See? Monday’s ARE great…


Named and Shamed

‘Sir, I want your cock inside me, but I do not want you to be gentle. I want my throat, lips and mouth used roughly, and my hair pulled until the pain of it makes me wince. I want swollen lips that beg to be kissed and the sharp slice of your belt upon the naked skin of my back. For the first time in two years, I want to feel. I want to feel the sting of agony, followed by the sweet aftermath of desire and I want to feel it again and again. I want to beg to be fucked, but I don’t want you to give in until I am screaming for release, almost lethally aroused and nearly insane with lust. And I don’t want you to stop there. My lips need to be dribbling with your seed, Sir, and I want to swallow every last drop that you choose to offer me. I want to please you, offer each tight, wet…’

‘That will do nicely, Marianna, thank you,’ said Mark, realising that his willpower wasn’t all that it could be this late in the day. ‘Now, open that beautiful jaw and offer your throat to me.’ He was already reaching for his zipper, and his cock needed little encouragement. It sprung free and landed on the sweet warmth of her enticingly long tongue. Liked a good little sex-slave, she obediently waited to be allowed the privilege of sucking him off. So, she had been trained well. It was time to see if she could deliver the goods. ‘You may suck, slut.’ But as her sweet mouth enclosed his member in the tightest embrace, he brought the looped belt down wickedly hard on her backside and pushed forward, jerking forcibly from his hips, almost as if he wanted to bruise the back of her throat. His control had nearly vanished. Taking a steadying breath as she gagged around him, he softened the blows of both his belt and his cock. He had forgotten himself. Using the belt to cup her buttocks with his tear-shaped hold, he pulled the tempting rondures towards him, letting the belt cup, caresses and tease them. It would be hard for her to tense her body, which would lessen the sting of the stroke, because she would be concentrating on the glorious things she was doing to his cock, with her tongue and lips. Two years had not lessened her proficiency at completing the task in hand, or mouth, to be exact. Back and forth, he pummelled her throat with the potent desire of one who had long been denied release, albeit not nearly as long as she had. The belt crashed down on her flesh, over and over, and he’d be lying if he said that the intense, pink glow of her backside didn’t arouse him. He laid into her, but this time with measured precision, judging her pain threshold carefully. She wasn’t a masochist, that much was clear, but he could still have a little fun with her.


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