#MasturbationMonday – My Blood Is Going To Drive You Wild #romance #pnr

Masturbation Monday

It’s Moan Day and that means it’s the best day of the week because today is the day where we get to be really NAUGHTY. (Not that we aren’t everyday, but today we have an excuse…)


Good As Dead

Kalliope brought his head towards her neck and though he tried his hardest to fight her hold over him, the witch fire had done its work. His obediently pliable body bent towards her and his fangs sharpened with a terrible hunger. However, he refused to give in to the madness that had overtaken his body. He could fight this, he had to because to give in would mean a one-way street to perdition and he wasn’t sure he was as strong as his brother was. There was little enough left to live for as it was.

His mouth watered painfully with the smell of her blood and though he tried his best not to inhale, the delightful fragrance infused his senses and he felt himself going light-headed as desire took hold.

Kalliope stroked his hair and he felt her lips gently touch his cheek. He shuddered. “The longing for my blood is going to drive you wild. The little wannabe you have stashed in your bedroom has nothing on the likes of me. My bloodstream is not tainted. The scent used to drive Gaius wild, so I’m hoping you’re not going to be immune to its charms.”

She pressed his head down, closing the distance of the last few millimetres that he’d managed to place between them. The effort it took not to sink his fangs in deep and suck hard was phenomenal. Crimson tears pooled in his eyes as he locked his jaws and prayed for a miracle.

“You haven’t the faintest clue of what I can do to that body of yours. It’s not always pain, Mercer. If you behave, it could be pleasurable too.” Bright pink fingernails walked up his cheek and bit into the soft flesh. He knew she was smiling. Kalliope enjoyed the game. He’d witnessed at least that much through his brother’s exploits with the witch.

“Go. Fuck. Yourself.” The words cost him for the fingernails moved lower, much lower, and then he heard the sound of a rasping zip. Closing his eyes, he felt her cold hands grasp his soft hot flesh. He couldn’t prevent a gasp of pleasure as she worked him in her fist.

“No,” he roared, but the only response was her laughter. She knew exactly what she was doing. At just the right pressure and speed, her fingers flew over his growing erection teasing him into life, while her fingertip swirled gently around the tip to see how affected he was.

“Ah, you’re wet, Mercer. Your body is telling you all your mind needs to know. Feed.”

Her words entered his mind like a drug. They were as compelling as his were, if not more. His blood rushed around his body whilst every hair stood up on end. The sensation was electric and he was quickly sinking into a lust-filled haze.

“I want your body, Mercer. I need it. You’ll make me stronger. Where Gaius has failed, you will succeed. You’ll understand that soon enough. Feed.”

He shook his head rapidly from side to side as if trying to convince himself he could resist the feast before him. Hanging onto the last thread of his will power with all his might, he let out a strangled moan. The compulsion she used made him open his mouth, but he was still able to hold back from the actual bite though he shook all over with the effort involved.

Her hand was moving faster now. She had his manhood in a tight fist of iron and worked him hard, whilst her other hand fondled his balls and stroked his perineum. It felt incredible. He was about to orgasm, and there was no way he could prevent it but he wasn’t going to give her a sound. Not even a whisper of a moan. When the moment came it was a small victory, but he had a feeling every single one would count with Kalliope.

“You’re going to be so much fun to play with, Mercer. I think we’re going to get along famously.” Having said that, she placed both of her hands on either side of his head and his brain went into meltdown. His body was no longer his own. His jaws opened wide, and his fangs poised themselves to bite. A glistening drop of venom slid onto the porcelain-white skin of her neck, there was a tantalising pause, and then he sank into the heavenly narcotic that flowed freely through her veins. The substance burned like acid inside him, but its taste was incredible. The witch had him sucking on max speed. Had her blood been alcohol, he’d have passed out on the floor already. As the thought entered his mind, his legs wobbled beneath him and he fell crashing to the ground.


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