Is #Erotica The Hardest Genre to Write?

This article was originally published on The Examiner.

Writing about love and passion is one thing. Writing about erotica and explicit sex is another world. Combine the two and you have yet another genre. No matter what you choose to write, there is a place for you.

LOS ANGELES, CA – SEPTEMBER 28: Author E. L. James attends the E. L. James Book Signing For ’50 Shades Of Grey’ at Barnes & Noble bookstore at The Grove on September 28, 2012 in Los Angeles, California.

Many erotica writers boast that erotica is the hardest genre to write for. It takes a lot of skill to craft a tale of of graphic sensual nature. Not only do you write the plot, form your characters and provide dialogue; there is also the creation of the sex scene. The trick is to make it hot without making it sound like a porn movie.

What’s the difference between Erotica, Romance and porn?

Erotica is a mixture of passion, romance, and a bit graphic with the sex details. Some erotic writers prefer to tease and leave much to the imagination. Some, what many call the smut slingers, choose to get extremely graphic with their tale leaving nothing to the imagination. Think Fifty Shades of Grey, only much more graphic with the sex details.

Pornography has one focus, sex. The story may not have much of a plot (if there is one at all) because its main goal it to take the reader in one direction – towards the sex. There certainly isn’t a whole lot of dialogue.

Romance has a direct target audience. Romance is more of a tease. It will tell you when they hug and kiss and then it abruptly drops you off and the porch, with the light on, standing there fumbling for your keys. You know what happens, they just don’t always tell you.

Then what is Erotica Romance?

Erotica romance is erotica with a happily ever after. Not all erotica has a novel-like plot. It is written with only one plot in mind, the sex. Erotica romance is more than just the sex. It has a plot, it has a story, there is usually a loving couple, and they live happily ever after. It’s romance with detailed sex scenes, only not as graphic as straight erotica.

Of course even romance has its sub-genres divided into groups such as paranormal, historical, and mystery. Erotica tends to be divided into sub-genres by its kink. It can be overwhelming when wanting to write your story. But rest assured, there is a genre, sub-genre, or niche market for every story a person crafts. The key is to find it , market to it, and gain your readership.

Original Article courtesy of The Examiner.

5 thoughts on “Is #Erotica The Hardest Genre to Write?

  1. I’ve read a few posts trying to explain the differences among these genres, and I think this article might do the best job of it. Nice description of what makes each distinct. Also, interesting to see other perspectives about writing erotica — as I’ve found it harder to write non-erotica. The challenge comes after having written many erotic stories, with trying not to repeat myself in writing sex scenes.

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