#MasturbationMonday – Grabbing Her Wrists – #Sex

Masturbation Monday

It’s MOAN DAY! In order to keep you moaning and groaning (in pleasure!!) I have more vampire naughtiness. Here it comes…

Athlete man with a lot of internal force


Good As Dead

“You’re playing with fire, my little witch. Do you really want a vampire bound to you?” The smouldering, feral glare he gave her should have had her running into next year, but her body had other ideas.

Wrapping her fingers around the back of his neck, she slowly dragged his head forward to meet hers and whispered, “I’m not sure, how about we give you a little audition and see?”

If possible, his eyes managed to go another shade darker and pulling her back from the shower wall, he grabbed her wrists and once again slammed her into it, pinning her hands on either side of her head. His lips were millimetres away from hers and though she strained hard to capture them, he managed to angle his head just far enough out of her reach. When he flipped the faucet off, the sudden silence was almost overwhelming. Lainey felt his fingers tighten around her small wrists and he teased her by rubbing his erection up and down against her sodden panties. She moaned in frustration.

“This is a one-off, darling, because while my restraint might be legendary, I’m not one to take unnecessary chances. But I think we both need this, don’t you?” His hands left her wrists and began to travel back down her outstretched arms.

Now that the water had stopped, the cool air began to prickle at her skin. She did not want the numb feeling to come back. The day had been full of enough horrors. “For the love of God, stop with the questions and kiss me, Mercer. Make me forget. Do what you promised.”

He shook his head once clearing the water out of his eyes, and then he sucked in his bottom lip, slowly releasing it as he considered her request.

“People don’t usually want to forget having sex with me, Lainey Hargreaves.” His lips twitched fighting a cocky grin.

“That’s not what I meant…” The rest of her sentence disappeared as Mercer’s lips crashed into hers. They were not gentle. His tongue leapt into her mouth and she was instantly lost. Somehow, they made it out of the shower. They didn’t bother with such niceties as towelling off, for there was no time for that. Hitting the bed with the velocity of a force nine gale, his mouth was all over her and the heat it imparted was breath taking.

Flipping the catch of her wet bra open, he removed it and flung it down on the floor before his teeth softly nipped their way up her ribcage. The sensation was exquisite. Then with one hand, he gathered her wrists underneath the small of her back bringing her body up to him and with the other hand, he pushed at the base of her collarbone, arching her head and shoulders away. Bent over like a bowstring, he now had unimpeded access to her breasts and he took advantage of that by pulling an eager nipple tightly into his mouth.

Gasping, her body on fire, Lainey could do nothing but feel. His wet mouth, warm breath and sharp white teeth had their fun with her, and she was helpless to move a muscle. Her hands were pinned underneath her, supporting her body and there was no way she could move. Unable to help herself, she flapped her fingers up and down as the heat of his mouth began to unravel her.


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