#MasturbationMonday – Bang Bang! #Vampire Naughtiness!

Masturbation Monday

Hello and welcome to MOAN DAY. Yes, it’s Monday again, but never fear because naughtiness is here! Today we’re taking a break from pony-girls and moving on to VAMPIRES. Here’s a little something from ‘Good As Dead’ to tickle your tastebuds.

Athlete man with a lot of internal force

Good As Dead

“Kiss me,” she whimpered, tilting her head up towards his and parting her lips. Her five foot six frame was no match for his though. He towered above her. Admiring the glistening wet lips before him, which she’d artfully licked not seconds before he decided that they’d probably completed the foreplay part. It was time to get down to business.

“Your wish is my command, darling.”

Leaning down with exaggerated slowness whilst flashing a cocky grin, his lips finally connected with the base of her collarbone. His tongue traced a meandering path upwards towards the pulse that was happily ticking away like a metronome in her neck. It thundered in his ears as the sound of her breathing washed over him in crashing waves. He loved the build up to a bite…the glorious anticipation and then the first mouthful of sweet rich oxygenated blood. He felt cheated by the earlier bite he’d experienced, and he intended to make up for his misfortune. Wasting no more time, he sank his fangs into her neck, while his eyes sought yet another willing victim.

Whilst he was immersed deep in the brunette, he caught the attention of a raven-haired beauty who had been eyeing him up for most of their short spell on the floor. Pinning her with his eyes, he gave her a sultry wink and she smiled at him. Humans were such foolish creatures. Deepening the bite, he fed then watched as the girl in his arms orgasmed. Immediately, he wiped her memory giving her a little push that would send her back to the bar. She’d be a little unsteady for a few minutes but Assellio and the others would take care of her, not that he gave a damn. The beast was back.

Beckoning his new conquest forward, he realised he couldn’t even be bothered to swing her around for a bit. Putting both hands on her ass, he pressed her up close. One quick look in her eyes was enough. She was down for what he wanted and even if she hadn’t been, it wouldn’t have taken long to convince her. He had a few advantages to most of his peers. It came with old age. He could make women fall at his feet with little more than a glance, and tonight he was going to use that skill to his full advantage. Once upon a time, he might have had morals, but that was at least a few hundred years ago.

Sliding his hands up her waist, he cupped both of her breasts, rubbed his fingertips lightly over the already pointed nipples and swooped in for dessert. He sucked hard at her neck. She gave a delightful moan. Unfortunately, his inner radar chose that moment to sense danger and he felt a prickling sensation upon his back. Whilst it wasn’t a tried and tested method of spotting threats, it was never a good sign. He needed to hurry. Sucking harder, he drew powerful jets of fresh blood into his body and swallowed them down quickly. He felt her body tremble violently under his hands and he realized he was drinking too deeply. Something had him spooked, and he needed to pull back or he risked killing her.

Dragging his head up from her neck, his tongue laving gently at the twin red pinpricks that were already fading back into her skin, he sucked in a painful breath and twisted his head around.

“You are the loveliest creature,” said a voice in his ear but he was barely listening. His eyes scanned the room from top to bottom trying to work out from where the source of his discomfort was coming. Someone in this room shouldn’t be here. He was sure of it.

Not turning around, he laughed and said, “If only you knew, darling. I’m the meanest thing there is around these parts.”

She tried to tell him otherwise whilst whispering sweet nothings in his ear but as sharp as his sense of hearing was, he heard nothing. His eyes had zeroed in on a problem. A big fucking problem, and they were heading straight for him—four .38 Smith and Weston special bullets. Two seconds later, the room erupted in high-pitched screams.

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