Would You Use A Sex / Dental Dam? #sexualhealth

dental dam

Well basically, it’s a safe way to perform oral sex on a partner when you’re unsure of their sexual history.

Consisting of a micro thin piece of latex, all you need to do is rinse it first (this will prevent irritation to the genital area as some as treated with powders before being packaged) and then place it over the genital area.

Place a drop or two of lubrication on the side of the dam that will be attached to the genitals, to help hold it in place, and grab it firmly by both ends to ensure a good grip.

Experiment! Find some air bubbles and pop them, pour over the chocolate spread or whipped cream – or better yet try out some flavoured dams. The ones above come from Amazon and are available in strawberry, vanilla, blackcurrant… oh, you get the idea 😉

dental dam1

Unsurprisingly, whilst these little critters have been about for years… hardly anybody knows about them. It’s not a particularly sexy thing to bring up whilst you’re getting down and dirty in the bedroom, and placing a large sheet of latex over your partner is bound to raise some eyebrows and questions on your first visit.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s a good idea – anything that stops the spread of STI’s has my vote – and it’s no less attractive than a condom – so why have these guys had virtually no press? I think they probably deserve some.

On a last note from me… surely wearing latex panties would be a darn site more fun, less embarrassing, and still be able to provide the same kind of protection? Yes… I know it would be more expensive!

Do you have a better idea? Answers on a postcard, please or in the comments section below 😉

Dental Damns on Amazon.com


3 thoughts on “Would You Use A Sex / Dental Dam? #sexualhealth

  1. I was very surprised when I asked my local sexual health clinic if they had any, the nurse vanished for ages then came back and said they took so long looking for them because nobody had ever asked for them before!!!

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