#SatSpanks – Perfecting #Oral Skills! BDSM & KINK @naughtynell101

Saturday Spankings

Hello fellow spankers and spankees – it’s that time of the week where we prepare ourselves for naughtiness, so snuggle under your duvet, grab a cup of coffee and have some fun 😉



A Rough Ride

“Give me your honest thoughts, Len,” said Mistress Lupine as Jenny withdrew her mouth full to the brim with creamy, salty goo that she quickly gobbled down.

Len was quick to respond and Jenny noticed that his voice had a rather bored, and somewhat unimpressed tone, which did not bode well. “Not quite tight enough, doesn’t use her tongue to full advantage, doesn’t go deep enough, her gag reflex is a little annoying, and she doesn’t twist her head enough.”

Jenny would have given him a sneer in response, had she been able to move her jaw. As it was, Mistress Lupine pursed her lips and cast a disparaging glance at her. “Hmm,” she said, and it was clear that the woman was not pleased, “isn’t it a good job that you’ve got a further four volunteers in which to perfect your oral skills to full advantage? Make good use of them, P. I’ll be getting an opinion from each gentleman as you finish.”


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10 thoughts on “#SatSpanks – Perfecting #Oral Skills! BDSM & KINK @naughtynell101

  1. I like the perky, can-do enthusiasm in this piece! It’s amusing and sets up a delightful tension between content and tone. “Trouble for you, fun for me,” seems to be the keynote. (Cf. Simon Gray’s “Butley”) BTW — Doms need to be picky. Subs can be so lazy and complaisant otherwise.

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