#WIPITUP Wednesday – He’s As GOOD AS DEAD #vampire romance @naughtynell101


Hello Wipsters… it’s wednesday again and I have good news! It’s FINISHED. Good As Dead rests as 75,000 words and with a little help from the lovely Amy Valentini of Romancing Editorially – it should be on the shelves in a month or two 🙂

Right! It’s time for your snippet!


Good As Dead

“Well, first things first. Now we test your serum, Lainey Hargreaves. I want to see if your healing powers far outstrip those of your witchcraft. Can this tiny little tube really rid the world of the un-dead? I think it’s about time that I found out.” Popping the little plastic stopper out with her thumb, she sniffed the contents within and then nodded. “White chilli, Zingiber and Annato seeds. What an interesting little combination. I don’t think this should be too hard to replicate, with a little experimentation. How do you recommend it be administered?” Kalliope looked enquiringly at her.

“Go to hell,” Lainey muttered.

“You first. You can keep my seat warm for me.” Kalliope’s lips twitched. “Well, we’ll try the traditional way and see if that works.” Yanking hard upon Mercer’s leash she pulled his head back, and with her fingers she prized open his jaw. He didn’t even struggle, probably realising that the end of his existence would be more of a blessing than a curse. With eyes that were already dead he watched as the vial tipped forward at a forty-five degree angle, ready to pour.

“Any last words you’d like to share with your vampire?” Kalliope’s mouth twisted into a savage smile of triumph as she looked directly at Lainey.

If Lainey had been the other side of that lake, she swore she would have put her fist right through the vicious drama-queen’s head. Frustration and fury warred for supremacy inside her. Never had she felt so useless and powerless. There must be a way to fight back, she thought. Tears sprung to her eyes as the vial tilted closer towards Mercer’s mouth and she pleaded for his life.

“What do you want? I’ll do anything, but you need to let him live. You said you were going to bind him, not kill him.” Her arms reached out pleadingly, but Kalliope’s smile only got wider as the vial tipped lower.

“You have nothing to offer me now, Lainey, except your death. So be a good girl and keep quiet.”

“No. Please no!” Feeling her whole body turn to jelly, Lainey watched with a sickened fascination as a stream of clear fluid sank into the air above Mercer’s head.


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8 thoughts on “#WIPITUP Wednesday – He’s As GOOD AS DEAD #vampire romance @naughtynell101

  1. Awesome! I can’t wait to work this one. However, misspelling in the line:
    Yanking hard upon Mercer’s leash she pulled his head back, and with her fingers she prized (pried) open his jaw.
    And question…what’s missing from the following line?
    If Lainey had been the other side of that lake, she swore she would have put her fist right through the vicious drama-queen’s head.
    Yes, I edit everything. Great snippet though! 🙂

  2. We are going to have such fun! 😀 As to the line above ‘on’ might be a good addition and perhaps a comma after vicious? Or an exclamation mark – HELP! LOL. As to prized, this is the definition I was going for as per Oxford Dictionary:

    PRIZED: use force in order to move, move apart, or open (something):
    “I tried to prise Joe’s fingers away from the stick”
    synonyms: lever · force · wrench · pull · wrest · twist · jemmy · pry · [more]

    That may be a US/UK thing, though :/

    Can’t wait to see my manuscript back with reams of red naughty errors LMAO. x

    • The problem with using ‘prized’ is that it, by definition, actually entails using some ‘thing’ such as a lever or crowbar rather than ‘fingers’ to force it open — To move or force with a lever; pry: ‘prized open the antique chest’. It’s a transitive verb, and as in your definition, the synonyms show its extreme use. All of those words would indicate the use of a tool, with ‘pull’ and ‘twist’ being the lesser action verbs. I still think you’re best using ‘pried’ or perhaps ‘wrestled’ if you want it to be more forceful with him fighting the action.
      Good…”on” makes the line make sense. No, you don’t need a comma after vicious, and definitely no, to the exclamation point. The anger and raised level of emotion is there with the word ‘vicious’.
      Oh, I’m going to ‘whip’ your story into shape with lots of red naughty marks. Laughing. 😀

  3. I didn’t have a problem with prized, though perhaps fingers aren’t the primary tool used to prize something open or away. Pried is probably better than wrestled, since wrestled brings to mind sweaty bodies rolling about on the floor. Also, Lainey may like being large bodies of water, though I must admit it slipped by me until Amy brought it up. Sounds like Amy is an excellent proofreader and a prize you need to cherish, Christina. Loved the snippet.

    • Haha! Thank you 🙂 I have a feeling I’m about to spanked on the bottom with the naughty red pen an awful lot soon – but it will be good for me 😉 Good luck with the new release x

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