#WIPITUP Wednesday -Name Your Conditions! Paranormal #Romance @naughtynell101


Helloooo Wipsters! I’m hoping you’re all prepared with oodles of party food and cake for the start of the New Year celebrations (and anything else you might require…?) I have a bottle of gin, couple of bottles of champagne, and that’s just for me!!

Right, where were we. Oh yes, work in progress talk. Good As Dead is 70,000 words long right now and NEARLY finished. (So much for sticking to 60K, huh?) I can’t wait to type THE END on this beast. Hopefully it will be in the next couple of days, but until then… take a look at this:


Good As Dead

“I need to ask you something, Lainey. Think of it as a favour.” He frowned as if what he was about to ask was distasteful to him. She did not have a good feeling about this, and her eyes stared into his, trying to fathom what it was that he might need. “I’m not sure how to ask you this,’ he said, smoothing a lock of her blonde hair away from her face, before gently pressing his lips to her forehead. There was a soft sigh before he spoke again. “I’ve bitten Kalliope twice. With a third bite she can bind me to herself, and that will give her the power to make my life worse than an eternity in hell. Much worse. I want to prevent that at all costs. I want to take your blood one last time, and hope you’ll consider my request to try performing your own binding spell upon me.”

Lainey covered her mouth with her hands and shook her head, mouthing the world, ‘no.’ There was a look of horror on her face before her eyes darkened. “Did my gran put you up to this?” Her voice was good and mad. I’m pretty sure the last thing in the world you want is to be forever beholden to a witch. That’s what this would be, Mercer. A lifetime with me.” Her finger pointed at him and then moved into her chest. “Witches live longer than the average human, Mercer. That’s a lot of years that you’d be tied to me, and more than that, you’d be servile. Whatever I asked of you, you would be compelled to do, and there are many laws regarding a witch and vampire relationship. Distance between us would be painful. You could never bed or bite another female. Your role would be one of worship. I know the thought of that is repellent to you, especially after what has happened to your brother. There is no good that could ever come of this. The only way you could ever be free of a relationship like that, would be to kill me.   You can’t ask me to do this. I know you do not love me and entering into a binding without love, will most certainly leave us with nothing but hate and loathing.”

“I’m prepared for the consequences. I’ve thought this through very carefully. What I cannot prepare myself for is a life of servitude to Kalliope. I would do anything, anything, to prevent that from happening. Name your conditions, for I will comply with them all, but I don’t want to go into this battle with a chance of becoming her lapdog.” He leant down towards her, and grabbed a fistful of her hair as his eyes consumed hers. “I stand a chance of happiness being bound to you, Lainey, however slim that chance might be. With Kalliope, there is no chance. There is only misery, regret and endless pain. It would be a hideous life, even for one who is un-dead.” He smiled ruefully and his eyes were now as glassy as hers. “If I promise I’ll do my best to keep you alive tomorrow, will you do this for me?”

Lainey closed her eyes and tried her hardest to push him away. “No. No, you can’t ask me to do this.”

“Please, Lainey. If our situations were reversed, know that I would do this for you.” His eyes pleaded with hers and she knew that she could not deny him his request, though she knew she would regret her weakness later.

That’s all folks 😉

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Have a fabulous New Year and keep on hopping!


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7 thoughts on “#WIPITUP Wednesday -Name Your Conditions! Paranormal #Romance @naughtynell101

  1. Oh my gosh… she’s a witch. And Mercer wants to bind with her. I am loving this story and can’t wait until you get down to those final pages. You rock Woman!
    Have an extremely Happy New Year will your gin and your wine. I have one bottle of the bubbly for myself here and intend to consume each drop slowly while savoring it. ☺

  2. Mmm … I’m such a sucker for all this neck biting! 🙂 C’mon Ms. Mandara … your fans are patiently waiting for you to finish this! Maybe you’ll be more in the mood after consuming the bottles of gin and champagne? 😉 Happy and Healthy New Year wishes are coming across the ocean to you and your family 🙂

  3. Oh! I really love the idea of Lainey and Mercer being binded together!! Finish this story! I need to know what happens at the end!

    Happy New Year!

  4. Hmm, and??? rather cruel to end it but if you hurry, I won’t send flying gerbils to you…Not read of a witch and vampire before, wonder now what I have been missing. Nice Piece. Happy New Year.

  5. First off – thanks for stopping by my blog today – I’ve solved the white problem – went into the html. I wasn’t home all day and couldn’t check blog in the morning – so of course there was a screw up.
    Second – great snippet – love the last line 😉

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