#MasturbationMonday – HAPPY XMAS – #Free ebook! @naughtnell101

Masturbation Monday

A big welcome from MOAN day Monday. Except it’s not Moan Day for most of us, because we’re not at work – HOORAY! (But for those of you that are – BOOHOO!) Anyway, we still have moans for you… but they’re of the naughtier variety… if you know what I mean 😉

Oh and while you’re here – I have a present for you… A FREE EBOOK! Yup. Grab a copy of ‘A ROUGH RIDE’ in any format by clicking HERE. Happy Holidays!!



Jennifer Redcliff looked down at the floor, chewing her lip, and it was obvious she was debating her next question. She finally summoned up the courage she needed and her lips parted. “May I bring myself to orgasm, Sir? Please?”

The whispered plea was almost heart breaking. It showed just what a state that the suit had left her in, for her first wish to be that of sating herself rather than sleep. He gave her a wry laugh and sat on the edge of the Objectifier. “Lay over my lap and I’ll get you where you want to go, Pet.” No sooner had he said the words, than her backside flew over his legs. The word ‘Kyle’s,’ which gave off an angry red glow on an otherwise pristine bed of creamy white flesh caused his fingers to twitch, but he swiftly diverted his attention from it. He’d sort Kyle out later.


Although not a finger had touched her, she squirmed in heat upon his lap. She was an impatient one and exhausted or not, she was clearly in heat. He let her squirm a bit more, building up a nice level of anticipation inside her already sex-starved body before he allowed her the pleasure of feeling his hands upon her backside. He didn’t need to spank her. The marks she’d acquired over the last few days were numerous and if he just pressed his fingernails lightly upon them, she immediately gasped. Her skin was already super-sensitive, so he just ran his hands up and down the globes of her ass, lingering between her inner thighs, stroking and caressing the tips of her legs, whilst careful to avoid her sex. He palpated her delectable ass cheeks in his hand, over and over, admiring their lovely curves. A light stroke of her lower back, a soft pinch to her inner thigh and she was panting in very short order. Rubbing a finger around the tight, virginal hole in her backside he coated it with the excess lube that had spilled out from his cleansing session.

“I’m going to finger you. In your ass. It’s going to be a little uncomfortable at first, but if you’re a good girl and ride with it, I’ll reward you with an orgasm. We clear?” She nodded. It wasn’t as if she had any real choice. When his finger slowly worked its way inside her, she moaned pitifully at the intrusion. It wasn’t the same as a rubber plug. It was firmer and less flexible. Another finger followed and he listen to her mewl, part in pain, part in pleasure. Using his other hand to tease the lips of her sex, he caressed them back and forth with a soft touch and smiled when she ground her body into his. He upped the tempo of his fingers in her ass, while his other hand formed a two finger salute and dived inside her pussy. He didn’t need to check if she was wet, he could feel the sticky welcome brigade of lust all over the tops of her legs. Curling his fingers up, he dived in long and deep, arching up for her G-spot. He never let the pressure in her ass subside, however, so she would have to work through the barrier of discomfort and pain to achieve her climax. His fingers became stiffer and more pronounced as they flew in and out of her body. He fucked her with precision and skill, and drew it out as long as he was able, watching her buck and fly over his knees with irritable little moans. Her arms flapped this way and that, her breath came in loud pants and her heart rate roared in her chest. When she finally overcame the sensations of being finger fucked in two holes at the same time, she screamed the place down as the mother of orgasms hit her hard.

He could always tell when they’d had a good one. Their whole body would shake like a leaf, uncontrollably, and it would take a few minutes for the reaction to die down. Miss Redcliff was doing exactly that, whilst making insensible little noises in the back of her throat. It was quite entertaining. She was almost asleep on his knee when she whispered, “May I suck you, Sir?”

Mark laughed and ruffled her fuzz once again. “You’re learning. Maybe you won’t make such a bad house pet after all. Don’t worry. You can consider this a freebie today. If we do manage to get you out of here, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice your sucking skills later.”

Her soft snored could be heard before he had uttered the last word of his sentence.


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