#SatSpanks and #MSS121 – Five Minutes to Strip #Naked

MySexySaturdaySaturday Spankings

Hello and welcome to a double whammy of a Saturday – Sexiness and Spankings combined! Well, I hope the Xmas shopping is all finished, you’re sitting in bed with a well deserved chocca-mocca late and flake, and you’re pondering on the level of naughtiness to indulge in today. I say go for lots – but then, I would 😉


The Ties That Bind

Mark couldn’t help but smile as it became clear she was goading him, for what was, in essence, a sure gone thing. He could have left her alone, if that had been what she wanted, but he would have suffered for the concession. He’d had an almost permanent erection for the last four hours, not to mention the last few days, and he wanted nothing more than to bury himself inside her and forget the world existed. Why she was so appealing, when he had so many other women to hand, was a mystery, but the fact remained. It was probably because he couldn’t have her. Had she been readily available, he’d probably have been bored of her within the week.

Feeling his phone vibrate once again in his pocket, he inwardly cursed. Whoever it was would have to wait until tomorrow. Looking straight at Jenny, he said, “You want to play my game, fine. You’ve got five minutes to strip yourself naked and await me kneeling at the foot of my bed with your arms wrists to elbows, behind your back. Hold the position, head dipped down, until I’m ready for you. Any failures, will, of course, be punished,” he gave her a hard stare, to let her know that Mr Nice Guy had officially left the building.

The teary look was instantly gone as the fires of arousal leapt back into her eyes. Her lashes lowered themselves as her head already bowed itself towards the floor, and she murmured, “Yes, Sir.” She immediately began crawling, and he wasn’t sure whether her sprightly gait was due to fear or her eagerness for the night’s activities to commence. Women were such fickle creatures.


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6 thoughts on “#SatSpanks and #MSS121 – Five Minutes to Strip #Naked

  1. Interesting that his dominance wiped away her tears, probably more quickly than tenderness would. She’d rebuff any tenderness from him, but accept him as her master. He’s right. Women certainly can be fickle creatures.

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