#WIPITUP Wednesday – Not wearing #panties! @naughtynell101


Hello Wipsters! Not long till the big fellow with the ho ho’s comes down your chimney, but while you’re waiting I thought I’d share a saucy little snippet from my latest WIP…



Good As Dead

Looking at the glowing dials of his watch, he saw that the time was fast approaching six am and knew that they’d have one last day together before Kalliope beat seven bells of hell out of them. There was no reason he couldn’t make it count. As Lainey stood less chance of making it into next week than he did, he probably owed her a few happy memories, and it would be no hardship delivering them. Besides, he needed this, too. Devouring Lainey’s body would help him forget his last encounter with the lilac-eyed monster, and that could only be a good thing.

“Wake up, Princess.” He whispered the thought aloud in her head, as he pulled the duvet down her body. In her sleep she tried to make a grab for the coverlet, but he was too fast, trailing it gently down before his hands began to peel her t-shirt back up past her legs, and over her hips.

“Oh sweet Jesus, you’re not wearing panties.” Mercer’s eyes widened in appreciation as his hand cupped her sex. There was a moan and Lainey tried to roll over on her side to stop the hands that were trying to plunge her into the land of wakefulness, but he held her fast as he allowed his breath to tickle her sex.

“I want you,” and his voice became a little louder and a little more insistent in her head. “I want your body,” he purred in his native Latin, losing himself in the moment as his lips bent down to taste her. Her hips bucked towards his mouth, even in sleep, and he smiled, because somehow she was wet for him. Plunging two fingers inside her, he continued to torment her with his mouth, whilst his velvet voice whispered, “And I’m going to have it. I’m going to own every last whimper and groan, I’m going to work each muscle in that body of yours from large to small; and I’m going to make you explode, over and over again. Lips, teeth, fingers, cock, and anything else I can think of. I am going to worship you, Lainey. You’re going to lose yourself, every last shred of control you possess, and you’re going to burn for me, sweetheart, in the worst way. And what’s more, you’re going to love it and beg me for more.”


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3 thoughts on “#WIPITUP Wednesday – Not wearing #panties! @naughtynell101

  1. Holy Hotness! Mercer just stole a piece of my heart! He was so sweet and hot with Lainey. She’s a lucky lucky girl!!

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