#WIPITUP Wednesday – Ensnared by the Temptress #vampire pnr @naughtynell101


Hello Wipsters and welcome to another edition of Wednesday naughtiness. As most of you know, I’m back with alpha male vampires and today you’re going to see him brought to his knees… which makes a nice change… I think?!? Anyways, I’m rocking along with this one. It’s at 48,000 words and will hopefully be finished before Christmas 🙂


Good As Dead

“You have two days to get those two little things to me. I do not tolerate failure. If they aren’t with me in your allotted time scale, I will murder both of my prisoners, and I’ll make it hurt. We do understand each other, don’t we?”

More images were forced through his mind and the depravities that Kalliope was capable of made him want to throw up. Gaius’ body, split open from the neck to the abdomen, a slow evisceration, whilst she watched him writhe in pain. Then an image of his heart in her hands as she slowly squeezed and crushed it.

“We understand each other,” croaked Mercer, who now had his hands on his head, fingers pressing into his skull, as if that would help rid him of the horrors that were transgressing. His eyeballs were swelling, bulging inside their sockets, and he had a feeling Kalliope was behind that as well.

“Perhaps you’re not quite as stupid as you look.” The wall between them came down like shattered glass, fragments glimmering in the moonlight as they fell and then abruptly disappeared. Having lost none of his former aggression, he went straight on the attack, roaring, with his head aimed to crash into her body. He never reached his intended target. Another white-hot fire-ball swallowed him up, and he went down screaming.

While he writhed upon the floor, she knelt down beside him and slowly caressed his cheek, before her nails fell to his lips. Easily piercing the soft skin, she drew a bead of blood, smeared it upon the tip of her finger and sucked it into her mouth. Bringing his head into her lap, she bent down to whisper in his ear, “Why do I find you Romans so irresistible?”

Every nerve cell screamed and every neuron relayed the message ‘danger,’ but there was no way to avoid her embrace. He was now her puppet until the effects of her magic wore off, and that gave her a few precious minutes in which to do whatever she wanted, and he knew exactly what she wanted.

“You will feed.”

The words he had most feared issued from her lips. They reverberated around his head, and the pain beating between his eyes intensified to blinding proportions. She picked him up. Somehow, his limbs worked under her direction, and he was on his feet with the witch in his arms. They were dancing across the perfect lawn, under a beautiful, evanescent full moon, and they could have been made for each other. Their bodies moved in perfect time, to an imaginary tune that beat through every pore in his body. They spun around in circles, her dark hair flying around his face in soft, velvety waves as her lips whispered beautiful, obscene things in his ear. Her hands moved over his body, stroking, kneading and petting his flesh. Though she should have made his skin crawl, he found that his body instantly responded, and he hated himself for it.

“Can you feel my heart beating, Mercer? Can you hear my heart pumping? I know you can. Listen to my pulse. Lose your head in that steady beat, Mercer, because my blood is going to blow your mind. This will be your first feed, but believe me when I say you will crave your next.” With a single slash of her fingernail, she cut a small line into her throat. It took a second for the blood to rise to the surface of the cut, but then it began a slow trickle down her neck. The scent was rich, strong and spicy. He knew, without doubt, that it would be addictive. That reason, more than any other, made him want to run away as fast as his legs could carry him. He hadn’t felt fear in a long time, but now he was awash with the emotion and he didn’t much like it.

She brought his head towards her neck, and though he tried his hardest to fight her hold over him, the witch fire had done its work. His obediently pliable body bent towards her and his fangs sharpened with a terrible hunger. He refused to give in to the madness that had overtaken his body, though. He could fight this. To give in would mean a one-way street to perdition and he wasn’t sure he was as strong as his brother. There was little enough left to live for as it was.


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2 thoughts on “#WIPITUP Wednesday – Ensnared by the Temptress #vampire pnr @naughtynell101

  1. Awww!! I feel so bad for Mercer! It sounds like he is going through hell! I hope that he can retrieve those two items or else his friends will get hurt!

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