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It’s Sunday, it’s Scintillating and we’re talking VAMPIRES. Settle down for some paranormal drama and suspense πŸ˜‰


Desiring Death

She had picked a bad time to try and kill him. At the moment he was still consumed by grief for Adelise, who had passed away exactly ninety-one days ago. The last of his family had died the most hideous and painful death at the hands of his huntress. From the deepest place imaginable he had grieved and it ravaged his body and mind to the point of madness before he managed to come out the other side. He had tried to let it go, let it pass through him so it would leave him intact if not insensible. She had been the last of his line and the oldest, bar him. When she had died it felt as if something central to his being had been ripped away, never to return. He had lost a part of himself that day, something so intrinsic to his being that he would never be the same again. A cold carcass of a man remained, where before there had once been love and light. That would never return. No being on earth could give him back that.

He would have walked into the light and killed himself seconds after her death, had that been an option, but he had known. While he had tried to deny it, even to himself, he knew what kind of a beast he had become. He had been granted the ultimate gift of immortality and power, but for him the cost had been too high, far too high. He felt tears pool in his eyes and blinked them away. This was not the time or place for them. He had an agenda and come hell or high water, the chit would pay for what she had done to his family. The only question was would he show her more mercy than she had shown the other members of his brethren? What would be a fitting course of revenge for the woman who had removed every single colour bar black and white from his life? Oh and red, of course. Every night he dreamt in varying shades of blood-soaked red.

The first in the series, Dancing With Death, is just $0.99/Β£0.99 πŸ™‚


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