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It’s Scintillating Sunday and I’m back with VAMPIRES. Get ready for alpha hotness and sexy naughtiness!


Desiring Death

Violetta heard his threats, somewhere in the midst of the agony filled void her body had entered and she automatically bared her teeth and growled in response. The reflex was shockingly unladylike, even for her, but it was instinctive and as unstoppable as a force nine gale. “I will not share your bed,” she managed to grind out, but even as she uttered the words she them to be a lie. Escape from this monster would be a miracle and one, for all her many talents, that she might not be capable of.

“See, your body as already submitted itself into my care. I suspect your mind will take some convincing, but where the body leads…” The sound of his annoying laughter, ringing out loudly in the night air, got her back to her feet when little else would have managed the task. Glaring at him, with eyes that were full of fire and hatred, she had once again found her voice.

“Do you think that chaining me to your bed will bring them back? Venting your perversions upon me will sully their memories, surely?” Her words were bitter and she almost chewed and swallowed them whole in her resentment of him.

“Oh, if only that were possible, Cherie, but my soul is so black that even were you capable of such a deed, my forgiveness would not necessarily follow. I find myself attracted to you in the worst possible way and seeing as how I’ve witnessed, in my mind’s eye, every single death you’ve meted out to my brethren, helpless to do anything other than watch the contempt and brutality that you have shown our race, I find the prospect of bringing you low a very tantalising one. Training you to become a wanton, slutty harlot who will be desperate for the slightest touch of my hand is a heartily appealing project. The piece de resistance, I think, will be making you fall in love with me – for that would be the ultimate revenge. When the fear, hate and loathing have all worn off, and I’ve made you into a docile little serving girl , you’ll be forever tied to me, knowing that your feelings will never be returned. Ahhh, just think, Cherie, you’ll be trapped in your own personal living hell and it will be inescapable.” He sighed theatrically and said, “Cue Romeo and Juliette, and the biggest tragedy of all ages. Except that I won’t be killing myself anytime soon. You’ll have to off yourself and be content with a mini catastrophe.”


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