#WIPITUP Wednesday – #Vampires, Guns & Car Chases!


Wipsters – long time no see! Yes, it’s Wednesday again and we’re deep in the midst of naughty vampire shennanigans. This is my first car chase… so go easy on me 😉 Actually, there are lots of firsts in this book… guns, car chases… but there’s still lots of naughtiness, rest assured 😉

Good as Dead 2

Good As Dead

“A Beretta. Nice choice, elegant Italian styling.”

Flipping it over in her hand to examine the thing, it was clear that Lainey wasn’t as taken by its sleek design as he. When she began waving it around, he pushed the dangerous end firmly towards her door.

“I’ve been shot at enough today, thank you, so don’t point it at anything you don’t intend to shoot.” Looking in his mirror he saw that two black Lexus sedans were only three cars behind them. He frowned. “Can you shoot?”


He breathed a sigh of relief. She might be of some use, after all.

“Netballs, basketballs, and I’m pretty good on a hockey pitch. If we’re talking bullets, I’m afraid I’ve never held a gun before.”

He slammed his head against the headrest and then swore. He’d forgotten his back had been used as target practise. There was a sticky sound as he’d pulled away. Yuck. “You’re not funny.”

“You think you have the monopoly on humour round these parts?” She smiled at him sweetly. “So, what do you want me to do with this thing?”

“What I’m trying to ask is to do you know how to use the sights on a gun? Have you played video games, arcade games… that sort of thing?”

She shook her head. Out of the corner of his eye he watched the gold Citroen behind him turn off to the right and swore again. “Well, here’s the super-quick guide. This is the safety and you won’t be needing that for the time being.” He slid the switch across. “This is the trigger, and you only pull it if you want to put a bullet in someone or something. You put one in me and we’ll be having a serious talk later.” He gave her a dark look.

“Sounds tempting. What else?”

“This is the rear sight,” he pointed to a little bump on the back of the gun, “and this is the front sight,” he moved his finger to another even smaller bump on the end of the barrel. You need to align them together when you take aim, and if there’s a rather large interplanetary miracle, there may be a small chance you might hit something.” He gave her a look that said he thought the possibility was unlikely. It was probably overkill after the sentence, but he was in a good degree of pain and he needed to vent.

“I’m not going to kill anyone.” Having said that, she closed one eye and began to line up the sights as he’d instructed. The gun began wobbling about all over the place.

“I also think that would be too much to hope for.” His eyes were watching as the blue Peugeot 308 behind them politely put its indicator on and moved out to cross the bridge over the river Seine. The black Lexus behind then swung out impatiently, and was immediately on their tail. He watched as the two black-suited thugs begun loading up various assault rifles. If they put any more holes inside him, he was shortly going to resemble a cheese grater, and the thought was not a pleasant one.

“No, I mean it. I’m not killing anyone.” Her mouth was set in a tight line and she was shaking her head.

“Open your window,” he instructed tersely.

“Why?” Though she questioned his order, she obediently depressed the button on her armrest and the window slowly lowered.

“So you can shoot out of it.” His voice may have sounded bored, but he was most interested in what was going on behind them. If he wasn’t mistaken, the guys in the Lexus had something akin to a grenade launcher in there. They’d come prepared, he’d give them that.

“I though I’d just said…” she was cut off mid-sentence.

“You don’t have to shoot them if you don’t want to. Shoot the car, the engine or the tires. The guns in their hands that are about to start blowing our heads of would also be an especially good choice. Whatever the hell you want to start shooting, please do so now. He swerved the car violently to the left and a volley of bullets took out their rear windscreen.


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7 thoughts on “#WIPITUP Wednesday – #Vampires, Guns & Car Chases!

  1. “If you put any in me were going to have a serious talk later.” I love his sense of humor. Loved this scene and can’t wait to see where it’s leading and why everyone wants her dead. ☺♥

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