#MasturbationMonday – A Naughty Strip Tease! #Sexy pic.twitter.com/4iIM2DOBUJ

Masturbation Monday

It’s MOAN DAY! So Good Moaning and we hope you have a little fun… Monday’s don’t have to be awful 😉


The Ties That Bind

“Not so fast, Precious,” said Mark. “We want a good show, a strip tease, without the entire strip, but with lots of tease. So turn around, bend over, hitch that skirt up slowly and drag those panties down as if you’re trying to gain the attention of the sexiest man in the room. That’s me, by the way. Work it, baby. Work it hard. You’re aiming for a round of applause, if you manage to get it right.” He made a twirling gesture with his finger, spinning it around in circles, and Marianna got the message loud and clear. Giving him a look that might have spontaneously combusted a lesser mortal, she slowly let her coat drop to the floor. Slithering elegantly down her arms in pretty little folds until it fell softly to the ground, it was to be immediately discarded.

Marianna’s face had then taken on a flinty look and it appeared she had accepted or at least acknowledged that there was no way out of his little challenge, so she was prepared to play her part. Squaring her shoulders, it was almost as if she was preparing to do battle. Judging by the myriad of evil looks in the room, she probably was.

When the coat pooled at her feet it revealed a delightfully tight, asymmetric dark wool dress that clung to her every curve. Patterned in sloping bold stripes, it made quite an impact, especially from the side, which was the view now coming into line as she made her way back around the room, so she would be facing the lift doors once more. When her profile came into view, Mark noted that she

had forgone the opportunity to wear a bra, which made his cock pulse and his eyes dance. The woman was at least trying to play by his rules, though she had a lot to learn.

Finally, when her back was turned towards her avid audience, she paused for effect, before dipping and undulating her body slowly towards the floor. The movement was graceful, athletic, and hellishly sexy. To make sure everyone had an ideal view of some of her primary assets, she widened her stance and let her hands grip her ankles. Mark swallowed tightly. Why did these little scenes always backfire on him? When her fingernails finally began to flutter against her heels, she brought both hands back up her legs and slowly gripped the hem of her dress in her fingertips. Here, she paused for effect, and when she was satisfied she had made them wait long enough, the dress began to move and change shape. Inch by inch the dark black material slid up the silky expanse of her thighs and, if he wasn’t much mistaken, there were a few lusty sighs in the room. If his girls were enjoying themselves, he really didn’t stand a chance. Her skirt moved slower than dial up broadband, and that was saying something. When he’d told her to work it, he hadn’t actually expected much of a show.

Her nails were a glorious, unashamed red today and they reflected the bright, square halogen lighting of the office with little streaks of bright white. Moving a little faster at last, they began to reveal the underside of her ass cheeks that were once again prettily ensconced in her monochrome panties. The white material hugged the curves of her ass tightly and as the dress rolled higher, the slight quiver of her cheeks was anticipation of an intensely painful kind. This was made all the worse by the knowledge that he would not be sampling her delights today. Firstly, she looked desperately tired. He’d noted it in her eyes when he’d bent over her desk. There were smudges of black that she’d tried to artfully conceal with makeup, but not much made it past his perceptive glance. Secondly, as a matter of principle, he would never take a girl after his having to correct or discipline them. That in itself was the worst form of punishment, arousal with no chance of relief. Thirdly, he had plans for this evening. Big plans. As he fully expected it to be a rather long night, he’d need all his stamina for later. So with that in mind, he guessed they’d both have to suffer, although thankfully the length of her suffering would far outstrip his.


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